Touch a Life

The other night as mom, dad and I were getting off our exit on the interstate to head home after an evening spent at HHGregg dropping hundreds of dollars on a new laptop and wifi system for our house we saw a homeless man and his faithful companion, his dog, sitting on the side of the road with a sign that said 


The man was an older man, had a few bags with him and his dog was stick thin and chewing on his leash. Of course dad had to get gas before we headed home and that ended us stopping at a stop sign that the man was sitting by. 

I looked back at mom and she looked at me and both of our eyes were filled with sadness. 

As we pulled into the gas station her and I went back and forth about what we could buy the man and his dog. The gas station near our house happens to have a Subway attached to it. When dad got back in the car after pumping gas we all headed into the store knowing what we had to do. We split up and conquered. Mom went and got a Subway sandwich, dad hunted for cans of dog food and I got a jug of water and cups. 

We paid for our stuff then hit the road back to the man and his dog. 

Dad pulled up beside him and handed him all the stuff. Of course I was sticking my head out the window telling him everything that was in the bag and instructions about using the cups and all, haha! 

He thanked us over and over and his little dog was so happy to see people he was jumping all over the place, it was precious. 

I told him God Bless and he said it back and looked like we had just made his entire day. 

Funny enough, we had never done anything like that before and the joy that it gave the 3 of us is something that I really can't describe. I hope that man found his way and a clean, dry place to lay his head. 

It's the little things in life, it really is. 

We're driving home with brand new stuff and this man had nothing. He touched my heart and I know he touched mom and dads too. Things like this make me so thankful of what I have in life. Every single thing. And things like this make me remember that I was given so many blessings not to use them all for myself, but to give to those who need it much much more than I do.

Touch a life today. 


  1. I am sure that it did make his day and that was really nice of you. I've done that a few times for the homeless that "live" by my work and I've received mixed feedback from them. It's nice to know that there are other people out there that appreciate the small gestures the same way I do!

  2. What a wonderful thing for you to do! It always breaks my heart to see people like that and you did one of the best things you could. Things like that really make you appreciate all you have been blessed with- thank you so much for sharing, I as well am reminded of how fortunate I am!


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