Tinted Moisturizer

Let me be honest, I was really skeptical of trying tinted moisturizer. 

My face has really cleared up since being home. I like to wear makeup most everyday, but since my face is so clear I wanted to find something lighter than my normal makeup to wear everyday. My face is very clear but I have a little scaring on my skin and the normal not even coloring. I like for these things to be pretty covered up and I wasn't sure that anything less than an foundation was going to do this for me. 

So I decided the bite the bullet and I tried mark.'s tinted moisturizer. I tell you, the heavens opened up and angels sang to me. This moisturizer covered my skin so well. I put my normal powder and a little bronzer on top and my face looked exactly like I wanted it to. It was so wonderful! I was really proved wrong, this moisturizer did wonders for my skin and my mom loved it on her skin as well. She is looking for something light weight but with a little coverage. 

Summer time will never be the same again. No more caking makeup when the South Carolina heat is practically making me melt...Hello miracle moisturizer!

I have found my miracle worker for the summer time and heck maybe even for the winter too! Oh and did I mention, it's only $12 AND has SPF 15 in it, wahoo!

You can go here to shop my mark. store: 
Lindsay's mark. Store

Get you some moisturizer honey!

Have a great day lovelies!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing - tinted moisturizer is one of my fears! :)


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