I love sparkly shirts, love love love them and when I found this lovely one the other day I was in heaven!
I had a gift card to spend at Express and I found this baby on sale for $20!

Oh I just love this shirt. Express has some really cute summer time sparkly/sequin items in their store right now and a lot of things were on sale! 

Here's a few ideas of sparkly tops for summer:

I'm in love with that last one. Love the loose, flowey shape!

Now, go right this instant, scan your closet. If you don't see anything with sparkles or sequins head to the mall pronto! 

You can make a sequin top as casual or as dressy as you want, it is extremely versatile.

Sparkles are fabulous and so are you! 


  1. Thatis a really cute top! And especially since it was $20! Props to you for getting a steal !

  2. Love the top!!! I love anything that has sparkles! I actually have on a sequin shirt on today! ha!

  3. I LOVE your top!! It's so cute and I think I need it in my closet asap! I have probably 3 or 4 sequin tanks from express and they are my fave! So cute :)

  4. You are too darling!! Love a good tank! =)

    Keep Shining,

  5. You are so adorable... I think I need your help in the clothing department, you are probably the most put together person i know...


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