Product Review: mark. berry grand

This product is heaven sent, I kid you not. 

I bought this a few days ago and it is so good, just perfection. They are individual exfoliating bead that YOU add to your own cleanser, love.that. These beads are cranberry and pomegranate. They are gritty enough to feel it cleaning your face but soft on your skin at the same time. My skin felt like silk afterwards. 

If you don't exfoliate already or have a set exfoliator, heck even if you DO, go buy/order this. You will never turn back. 

I really can't say enough great things, this stuff is the boooomb. $10 buckaroos for a container that will last you practically a lifetime.

I put my Cetaphil cleanser in my palm then added the amount of exfoliating beads I wanted, rub my hands together and voila! Exfoliating cleanser. I plan to use it once or twice a week.

So, moral of the story, go buy mark. berry grand. It is my command and you must obey, your skin will thank you a bazillion times over, yes, a bazillion.

Keep Calm and Exfoliate.

Clever right? Yeah, you're right, not clever at all.

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  1. have not tried it but i'm going to now. you should be in sales. or are you?


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