My First College 'B'

Isn't that title a bummer? 
I bet you can guess after my months of blogging about this class which one I got a B in...
yep, you got it


I kept a 4.0 my first three semesters of college and was very proud of myself for that and after awhile I started to wonder, when am I going to make my first B, will I make a B, how will I react to this B? 

Now this might all sound ridiculous but let me make my case. I made good grades in high school but not straight A's, I always had B's thrown in with my A's, with a few semester exceptions that all A's creeped their way onto my report card. 

When I got to college I had NO idea how I would do in my classes and when final grades were in after my first semester and it was all A's I was so excited and it really made me strive to want to continue doing very well in all of my classes. I was NEVER that girl that freaked out over a B on a test but after my first semester of college, oh boy, a B was my worst nightmare. 

Funny enough, I am darn PROUD of my first B because I worked my you know what off for that B in geology.  It's one of those classes where the professor happily has a 70 for a class average...I mean it's one of those guys. Nice man and all but one day he told the class "I often time forget I'm teaching undergrads who are most likely taking this class to fulfill Gen Ed. requirements and mistake you all for graduate students working towards their PhD." Oh great, that is a fantastic thing for you to forget mister...NOT. So anyways, point being, he did not mind one bit that the class average on one of our test was a 55....whoever told me "take geology, it's rocks for jocks" I curse you...curse curse curse you. 

So my transcript has now been tarnished with a B....but it doesn't bother me. I worked hard for that B and I'm proud of that B. 

This whole shannigans really brought me back to reality that I don't have to perfect all the time...sure, perfection is great but it will NOT last forever. I did my best and that's all I had to offer to a dumb class about rocks. 

So here's to you geology and here's to my first college B. 
It's OK that I no longer have a 4.0. 
It's OK that I made a B because I am proud of it. 
It's OK that I can't be perfect all the time...despite trying to achieve it everyday. 

It's OK. 

Thank you for listening to my life lesson for the day, you are wonderful :)

Oh and guess what geology professor....
B's get degrees. Boom. 


  1. I failed one class 6 years ago. One class. 6 years ago. I've never had anything below a B with that ONE exception.

    I still can't break a 3.0

    I hate college GPAs.

  2. I just came across your blog and started reading, and I love this post! I just finished my junior year and got my first B and was in a panic. I'm glad to know that I'm not alone! I think we should be proud of our Bs because we worked hard for them!! Happy end of the semester! xo


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