Join the Fun!

Summer has a lot to offer. A lot of opportunities to get out and do things and enjoy beautiful weather. 
I feel like I have a problem every time summer rolls around...and that is problem is: I've been waiting for summer to come for so long and I want to embrace every moment but I feel like I can never come up with things to go and do.

Josh and I are going to do lots of fun things this summer, love that guy!

Hopefully this list I'm going to post will help me and you too if you need ideas for the summer

1. Go kayaking 
2. Have a family/friends game night 
3. Get a massage
4. Get a facial
5. Star gaze one night 
6. Go to a fancy restaurant 
7. Go biking 
8. Draw self portraits of each other (Josh and I did this and it was hilarious, I mean seriously hysterical)
9. Go shopping at a new store 
10. Paint pottery
11. Go to the beach for a day
12. Go to an amusement  park 
13. Go rock wall climbing
14. Go to a concert 
15. Do a community service project 
16. Tube down the river
17. Take a picnic to the park
18. Go to the driving range and hit golf balls 
19. Go see a new movie 
20. Hang out by the pool 
21. Go dancing
22. Play putt putt
23. Race go karts
24. Paint a picture 
25. Play cards
26. Play hang man
27. Go to a local baseball team's game 
28. Visit a nearby city that you don't get to go to often for the day 
29. Go for a run/walk 
30. Volunteer in your community

Alright folks, there's 30 ideas, THIRTY! And that doesn't even put a dent in all the things that you can do this summer. If there's anything that isn't on the list that you love to do in the summer please share! 

Summer is a great time to make memories, enjoy yourself, enjoy being with others and relax. 

Here's a few pictures recapping last summer: 

Here's to a great summer 2012!


  1. you are gorgeous!! I adore all your hairstyles!! sooo perfect!! I agree... summer has SO MUCH to offer!! cant wait.


  2. I want to go dancing.
    and skydiving.
    but in reverse order. ;)

  3. I love all of these things! Thanks for the inspiration! :)


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