I love my Mama

Dear Mama, 
You my dear are the best mother on the planet, that I am 100% sure of that. You pick me up when I'm down. You make me laugh so hard all of the time. You never cease to surprise me with your craziness. I enjoy (most) every moment we spend together ;) haha! I'm always so anxious for you to get home after work so I can sit on the counter in the kitchen and we can chat about our day. I love every adventure we go on and I am so thankful for all of your time that you have devoted to me through the years. All the basketball and football games you watched me cheer at, all the wretched track meets you and dad sat in the stands for and watched me cross the finish line last most of the time, but you clapped and claimed me as your child anyway. Thank you for always coming when I scream your name from the bathroom because I don't have any toilet paper or when I'm in the shower and my soap is on the counter. Thank you for all the times you swiped your credit card to buy my pageant gear and thank you for all the times you sat down on Sunday nights and complained about how high the credit card bill was, haha oh my! Thank you for taking me to church every Sunday and for showing me how to love Christ. Thank you for always for providing for me. You have never denied me anything that I have wanted or asked for, except for a BMW haha, you have always been my shopping buddy and bought me everything under the sun, even when it was clear I didn't need it. Thank you for letting me get a brand new car even though you swore I would get a used.Thank you for all the drives up to Greenwood to spend the day with me while I was at Lander, you and dad made my day when y'all would come spend the day with me and stay all day until night fell so I didn't have to spend much time alone. Thank you for all the times that you didn't kill me when I was going through my sassy-mouthed, rude teenaged years. Thank God those are over right? How we made it through my freshmen year of college, I will never know but thank you for adjusting to me being gone. Thank you most of all for not making me have siblings, hahaha! I think it allowed me to have a much closer relationship with you and dad and I am so thankful for that. You are awesome mother and though I could strangle you sometimes (like the time you told me to transfer schools and that I would have to work with rocks one day) you are hands down my heart and I will forever cherish you, take care of you (especially when you get old and gray haha) and be the best daughter that I can be to you. I always want to make you proud.

All my love, 
Pooh Bear 

Dear God, 
Thank you for letting me be Mom's miracle child. Just when she was getting ready to adopt and give up on having a baby of her own after 11 years of trying, you placed me in her belly. It was truly a miracle and I am so glad that you let me be my mama and daddy's child. What she thought was appendicitis turned out to be ME, thank you. 



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