High Five for Friday

It's been awhile but I'm getting my act back together and linking up with Lauren for


And here we go fraaaands

1. Just the plain fact that is the THE weekend...and Memorial Day weekend at that. Which means mom and dad have 3 days off which mean they'll be home with meeeeee! Oh and Josh has 3 days off too! And we're having a cookout for the whole fam on Sunday, wahoo!!

2. The fabulous sunshine I am going to soak up by my pool today and the rest of the weekend...with sunscreen on of course. 

3. Chasing after the meter man on Wednesday and begging him not to give me a parking ticket...no parking ticket, score! 

4. We finally got wi-fi in the house! Can I get a hip-hip-hooray?!? No more being hooked up to the wall, boo-yah!
5. My new keyboard cover for my laptop!

I hope everyone has the BEST weekend, do lots of relaxing, I command you!

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  1. Yay for Wi-Fi!! I really like that keyboard cover! :) Have a great Memorial Day weekend! :)


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