Family Book

For Mothers Day this year I did not want to get mom anything like clothes, purses, accessories, or anything else that she already has 500 billion of. 

I saw a Social Living deal for a hardback book from Picaboo back in February and I jumped on that deal like white on rice. I knew this would be the most perfect gift to get for mom and I knew how much she'd love it. And thank goodness I was right, she fell in love with her book and I was so impressed with how Picaboo put it all together, it turned out fabulous! 

If you're looking for a gift that is different and something that most people probably don't have, this book is a great option. Picaboo allows you to customize everything and make it all your own, the options that they have are endless. So go check it out if you are in need of a gift. 

Mom loved her book and it made me so happy to see her enjoy it so much! 

Here we are after church yesterday

Love that woman! 

Happy Monday loves! 


  1. what an awesome book. i should have done that for my mom. gosh darnnit. :)

  2. THAT is an amzing gift! Great job I love how you put it together!

  3. That is an amazing gift, Lindsay! I'm sure your mother loves and treasures it so much. & I love the dress you're wearing in the last photo!


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