Does this skirt make my hips look huge Mom?

I bought this skirt at Old Navy and had mixed feelings. I loved the length, colors and everything about it but I wondered if people would look at me funny in it.

Well in true Lindsay fashion, I didn't really care much and put that bad boy on. 

I paired it with a simple tank because the skirt has a lot going on and put on a statement necklace (I love that necklace and would wear it everyday if it matched my whole wardrobe!) 
I had been searching for a maxi skirt everywhere and just couldn't find one and although this one doesn't quite hit the ground it still gets the job done and I love it! 

Happy Thursday beautifuls! 


  1. I soooooo want your skirt!!!!!!!!!


  2. Okay, first of all can I PLEASE have your teeny tiny waist?! second, I would wear that necklace every single day too! third, I LOVE that skirt! I've been searching for a perfect maxi skirt but haven't found one yet, this one looks so good on you! :]

  3. I love the necklace!! My only suggestion would maybe be a fat belt in the middle! But great job!

  4. You look gorgeous :)

  5. I absolutely LOVE this skirt, super cute! I love bohemian style, and it reminds me of it. I'm a new follower and smiled when I read you're a believer. So nice meeting another sister in Christ! <3




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