Today is going to be a serious post friends. 

(Sorry for my lack of posting lately, life has been busy to say the least) 

Anyways, bullying, what an awful thing that consumes our world and especially our middle and high schools today. It makes me sick, literally sick. 

People will say whatever they feel to others and never take the other persons feelings into consideration. Especially in middle school, kids will say people are fat, ugly, unworthy, dumb, etc. and not thing twice about what it is doing to that persons self esteem and self image. 

It makes me hurt and it makes me so sad to kids suffer from bullying. I don't know why anyone would ever get joy from tearing another person down. It is so, so cruel. 

The children on the receiving end of the bullying, my heart goes out to them. I can not imagine the pain and hurt that they go through hearing these mean, horrific words said to the every single day. 

I wish I could snatch up every kid that is a bullying and show them just how much they are damaging another persons feelings and how they are truly making a terrible mark on someone elses life. 

I hope that everyone can take a stand against bullying and that we can stand up for what is right.

Every child is beautiful, smart, worthy, great, talented, loved, respected, and absolutely wonderful. 

It pains me to think that people think of themselves differently than those great words above. 

I wish I could solve all the bullying in the world and stop it forever. No one should ever feel less than GREAT about themselves. 

I wish I could boost every kid in the whole wide world up everyday with sweet and kind words. 

I hope bullying stops. I hope people wise up and realize what they are taking from others when they tear them down. 


  1. sometimes a serious post is needed. and this one was {is} definitely needed. great message!

  2. It breaks my heart when little kids or big kids are bullied! Thanks for the serious post, it is always good to get us thinking about the real issues in life!

  3. Great post girlie! Way to take a chance.
    Want to follow each other girlie? Let me know!

    Belle De Jour

  4. Bully is the worst thing going on in this country. I typically don't do charity and stuff like that, but I ALWAYS donate and support bullying charities. I've been bullied since I was a kid, and I still am.

    I highly recommend watching the new documentary "Bully"


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