Statements Bags

Happy Thursday friends, almost Friday! Cheers to that! 
It's my LAST day of class tomorrow, isn't that crazy? Yes, it is certainly crazy at how fast this year has gone. I can hardly believe it. 

Today we shall be discussing statements purses. I got this red bag for Easter and I'm so in love. Quick story on this bag: my mom and I were in Stein Mart and I was desperately wanting a new purse. So I'm searching all the bags and they have like zero cute ones, I was quite disappointed and surprised by their selection. I was just about to give up when I said I'd try the very last rack in my last attempt and lo and behold they had two bags I loved! I walked around the store with both of them, modeled them in the mirror, modeled them for mom, had her model them and walk around the store, I just could not decide. When you can't decide, what do you do? 

Why of course you buy one and mom buys one, hahaha! I bought myself one bag and I con'ed mom into buying the red one for Easter...she hadn't made my Easter basket yet so technically I was helping her out and saving her some trouble. 

So I finally got my bag on Easter and retired the one that I bought (that is very cute as well) and started carrying this gem. I hope you like it as much as I do! 

I love love love the shape and the bold red. 

Are you carrying a bold bag for summer? 

And by the way, I love the E! channel, I mean really love it but for crying out loud E! stop playing Knocked Up 12 times a day 500 times a week!


  1. I love Knocked Up but I agree, good gracious how many times are they going to play it?! Geez! Lol

  2. hmmmm. lovelovelove. literally was just shopping for a new purse today. and it has to be just the perfect one. :)

    happy thursday friend!


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