One Hundo

Believe it or not, I WON a giveaway yesterday. I could hardly believe it, I don't usually win things very often so to win this giveaway, I was ecstatic, you have no idea. I was on the phone with my mom like screaming and being as dramatic as possible because I was so excited. 

I won the giveaway from 3 beautiful bloggers go check them out KatieSarah, and Dayna. They all have awesome blogs, they are definitely worth the read. The giveaway I won was ridiculously awesome, I kid you not. I.am.stoked1

You might remember a few months ago I said I was going to do a giveaway when I hit 100 followers, well folks we're getting close! Encourage any and everyone you know to head over to Every Day Life so we can get a giveaway going! 

I'm really excited...and have no idea of what I'm going to giveaway but I am quite sure that I can come up with something fab-u-lous!

Oh and I took my last exam this morning, sophomore/kind of junior year of college is OVAH! Now to move out these residents, clean out this room, and Hellllllooooo Columbia and Summmmmer!

When you see this lovely lady, you know it's giveaway time! Keep your eyes peeled.


  1. congrats on winning the giveaway :):) and congrats on the last day of classes for this semester :D

  2. What did you win???? I am curious now! ;) Have a great summer and relax! You deserve it! I know you are gonna hit 100 soon!!

    1. Hey girl, if you click here you can see what I won! http://hisdiamondandmine.blogspot.com/2012/04/triple-threat-giveaway-time.html

  3. Aw, lucky you! I never win. But I'll keep trying :)
    Glad to have found your cute blog! Here's one more follower toward your giveaway!

    1. Thank you so much for following, maybe good luck with come your way soon :) Fingers crossed!


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