Old Lady Cream

when you see this do you automatically think of an old lady? I do but old lady or not, this baby is the junk.
I bought a jar of this about a week ago...and I'm in love.

I wash my face in the shower with Cetaphil cleanser and then right before I go to bed I put a layer of cold cream on my face, rub it in good, wet a rag and wipe in circles, then rinse it off.

And voila, a face as smooth as a baby's butt and all makeup is G.O.N.E.

Right after I started using this my face was smoother and clearer, it really cleansed my skin of all my makeup and grossness during the day. I'm diggin' it.

Old lady cream, you are the bomb. 

Task for the day: go to your local drug store and buy yourself a jar of cold cream, it will change your life.

And Vaseline is the cure all for chapped lips, used some last night and my lips are like new today, perfection.

By the way, Josh just told me he wants to act in soap operas...I hate soap operas....I hate to crush his dream, but he shall have to find a new life path....haha!

Oh and I didn't have to set an alarm this morning, it.was.glorious. 

Happy Tuesday friends!


  1. Greetings from another Carolina girl. Put me down as a long-time believer in that particular "old-lady cream." And if you like Vaseline, try Aquaphor. I'm not kidding. If you've got a scratch on your skin, it will disappear within hours. I think we have a tube in every room of the house.

  2. i would totally use some old lady cream. will be looking in to this ...

  3. I love this cream too! Use it every night! and...I hope I'm not that old...lol :)

  4. I want to start using old lady cream on my eyes. I feel like sleep deprivation is giving me wrinkles! Will check this out!

  5. I just got me some! Im excited to see the results :} Thanks Lindsay for the tip!


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