It's Here

you're probably thinking...what is here? 
Well let me tell you... 


Is this real life?!? Have I almost finished my second year of college with just one more to go before I'm a college graduate?!? You bet I have. 

This week is jam packed with presentations and projects and meetings and banquets and everything else under the sun...funny how everyone likes to plan everything on the same week huh? But nevertheless, I don't care HOW busy this week is...it's the last week of classes and that makes my one happy girl. 

If I can make it through my Geology exam next Monday, I'll be one happy camper. Heavens to betsy I'm so happy I'm almost finished and summer is almost upon me. YEAH! 

Now, for real life news. I am still on the hunt for internships...rejection and I have spent a lot of time together this week and quite frankly...it has sucked. But I told Josh the other day "maybe I'll have a lot of rejection stories that lead up to a great success story". A little rejection won't stop me, I'm still on the hunt and sending in applications and following up with people. 

But reality does set in every now and then and the thought of what if I don't get an internship this summer, what am I going to do? Do I want to job hunt or just relax and enjoy my last summer of freedom?! haha (I have a job on campus by the way, which will keep me busy 3 weeks and pays so I wouldn't be THAT big of a bum lol) 

So we shall see where the road takes me. Fingers crossed it's something magnificent

In other news, I haven't done much sponsoring swapping lately, so if you're interested, contact me! It is free free free and simple as can be. Check out the Sponsor tab on the right side of my page under my about me blurb. 

Oh yeah, have I mentioned I hate Geology and after Monday I won't EVER have to take science again in my life? Just making sure you knew

In honor of school almost being ovaaaah here is me on the last day of my Freshman year last year: 

and move in day this year

My how time flies! 

Oh and real quick, do any of you guys have a Canon camera? I have a Canon PowerShot Sx150 IS and it has started putting these lines across my images and they won't go away and it's make me a little sad and frustrated. Has this happened to any of y'all? Has anyone had to get their Canon repaired or replaced? Are they easy to work with? 

Happy Monday!


  1. Could you be any cuter?! I love your top in the last picture as well :)

  2. I have three weeks and I hope I make it..it's so crazy with exams, papers, and presentations!


  3. so fun!! enjoy this fun/exciting/scary time!!


  4. Girl, I am in your boat with the internship thing! I have applied for about 6 and have either been rejected or haven't heard. It's tough to not know what's coming up or to have plans. Best of luck to you!

    xoxo, ryann

    1. Ryann, that means so much to me to know that I am not the only one going through this, although I wish you weren't having to go through it, we can sympathize with each other. I'm sure you will find your path soon, good luck to you as well! :)

  5. you end classes SO early! this is my last week of class, then exams next week and graduation!!


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