High Five for Friday

I have been a lame-o the last few weeks and not linked up for High Five for Friday but alas, I am back today! Lauren @ From My Grey Desk


Let's waste no time and get this show on the road shall we? 

And we're off...

Today is the last day of the semester, it.is.OVAH

Today starts 4, yes FOUR, months of summer. And for four months I won't have residents knocking on my door all times a night, high heels clicking and doors slamming on Thursday nights, residents fighting with each other. Finally, some peace! Classes to go to everyday, 4 jobs to manage, assignments to turn in, it is going to be heaven, heaven I tell you. 

I have to spend one extra night at school because of one of my residents (boooo) but that means Mom and I are going to have a slumber party in my empty dorm room tonight! 
I picked out what I'm going to giveaway when I hit 100 followers...exciting!

This might be a little ugly, so I do apologize but today is about honesty...I am SO glad, so so so glad, to get a couple months break from the craziness of school and those who irk my nerves (to no end) while I am here. 


Happy Friday friends!


  1. ooh, i want in on this little giveaway. can i join your site twice? so close ... so close!

    1. I know, we're almost there. I hope you have lots of good luck with the giveaway rolls around :)

  2. Congratulations on making it thru the semester! Enjoy your summer. You will have 4 months to recharge. You can just blog and read blogs to your hearts content.

  3. Congrats on finishing the year! Enjoy the peace and relaxation time! :)


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