Good Friday & Easter Basket

It's Good Friday y'all. What a significant day. I am so incredibly happy that this day happened so that I could be forgiven of my sins and to have the ultimate love story on this day...Christ dying on the cross for me, for us. 

And He will rise on Easter. What a beautiful story! I am so, so undeserving but He gave his life for me and I am forever thankful

I'm home for the weekend to be with my family on Easter and I am more than thrilled to be relaxing at home. 

I went out today and got Josh's Easter basket done and I can't wait to share it with you! 

I bought giant eggs and filled them with candy, bought a few more things of candy, a rubix cube for fun, and $10 Chick Fil A gift card so he can get some lunch! I loved the way it turned out and EVERYTHING came from Dollar Tree, except the gift card of course. 
I have yellow Easter grass in the bottom of the basket, ribbon around the top and a card. 
I also picked up foam stick on letters at Dollar Tree and put his name on the front and Happy Easter on the back, I hope he likes it! The Easter bunny has arrived :) 

I hope everyone has a GREAT Easter weekend! Remember it's all about Christ

Thank you, Lord, for all of your sacrifices for me. 


  1. the easter basket looks so cute! and love your comments about the real meaning of easter. i'm not doing any baskets or special meals. just church, like every sunday. but thats whats important!

  2. Super cute basket...I know he enjoyed it :)


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