I finally wore my fedora today and I'm in loooove with it! I can't wait to sport it this summer and wear it at the pool and beach! 

I found this pretty thing over spring break at Burlington for $12.99. They had a ton to choose from and I feel like you can find them anywhere right now, they are so popular. 

As usual, I love stepping outside of the box...and that is not hard to do in a small southern town...I feel like everyone looks the same! haha So I like to mix it up every now and again.

Heck, I like this hat so much...I think I need more colors! 

I paired it with a white flowered tank and black linen pants...have I mentioned how much I loooove linen pants?!  

Do you have a fedora? Do you like them?

P.S. Canon has got to fix this camera and crazy lines...soon!

Happy Tuesday loves!


  1. The fedora looks really cute on you, Lindsay! I have a really similar one that is perfect for the beach :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. You pull it off well! I bought one about two weeks ago from Forever 21 for 10 bones. I can't wait to sport it at the beach and pool side!

  3. This is ADORABLENESS! I wish I could pull of a fedora...the only hats that look right on me are baseball caps.

  4. Love the fedora! I bought one at Target last year and wore the heck out of it!

  5. Love fedoras! You look amazing. Great choice on the linen pants. Love those too.


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