Cool New Looks

Hello dear friends! I have been sprucing up the look of the blog today, I truly hope you like it! My about me page is new, the background is new, there's a follow me a twitter button and a new headline on the sponsor page...so check it out! 

I don't pay for my blog designs, so I dig around on sites until I find what I like and then try to create some things myself...I love picnik and I'm so sad it's about to be over forever :( But anyways, Shabby Blogs has GREAT stuff...I'm talking really great. You should head over and check out their blog designs and other fun stuff they have for blogs --->Shabby Blogs

I haven't had much inspiration about what to write about the last couple days, but I'm not worried, something will hit me soon. 

I will tell you this funny happening today: I was trying to type in Shoe Show in the Google Search box today...well I typed the 's' and then my mouse moved to another search box and I continued typing "hoe show". I looked up before I hit enter THANK GOD and laughed so hard when it saw it...who knows what would have popped up had I hit enter. 

And another funny story, I was on the phone with Josh last night and I had just made myself one of those small Velveeta Shells and Cheese microwaveable things. Well we were chatting along and I had just put a spoon full of mac n cheese in my mouth and Josh says something SO FUNNY...next thing I know ALL of the noodles fly out of my mouth, plop onto my keyboard and stick to my lap top screen...y'all it was so funny, I was laughing so.hard! Too, too funny. Speaking of, those bad boys are so good, I could 5 a day all jokes aside. 

Oh, and the surprising moment of the day...in the dining hall tonight we had ribeye and shrimp...yes, you heard that right, full sized ribeyes and all the shrimp we could eat...in a college caf. I was in heaven, legit. 

And tomorrow is dad's 53rd birthday! Love that man and Josh and I's friends Ryan and Alison had their first baby last week, a little boy named Brooks! Congrats you guys! They are a beautiful family of 3 :)

Oh and it's National Sibling day...Mom, if you're reading this, I was a teeny bit sad I didn't have a sibling to celebrate with...then I got over it quickly so no worries ;)

Ok, enough for the day. Happy Hump Day beautifuls! 


  1. Hey I just heard about a new free editing thing like Picnik called PicMonkey or something like that. you should check it out!

  2. Cute new layout =)
    Kerrie totally beat me to it but PicMonkey.com is the new Picnik....they have all the same tools.
    Much Love,


  3. adore the new layout... I wish i could get mine to look this put together :)

  4. Just found your blog, I love it! :) please come check mine out as well! :D


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