Color Blocking Attempt

In my many efforts to keep up my self-proclaimed fashionista status, this weekend I did a lot of shopping and filled my closet with new, trendy, and "it" fashions for the spring and summer. 

I jumped on the color block train yesterday for church. 

Let's just say, I now adore this outfit. 
The shoes and necklace are from my favorite, Cato. 
The skirt if from who-knows-where like 3 years ago. 
The top is from JCPenney...a whoppin' $13 bucks, oh yes. 

This is the beginning of my color blocking adventure, do you approve? I hope so! 

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Also, my first official day of summer was fabulous :) Oh and be happy, now that I am home my outfit photos can be taken outside and by a real person! Not inside my dorm with my camera timer...movin' on up.

Happy Monday loves!


  1. nicely done. cute and cheap. my two favs.

  2. cute outfit! i have a very similar shirt from urban outfitters that i got last year. im totally jealous of your price! great finds! :)

  3. SOOO CUTE! I love that color combo together!
    You def pulled it off!!


  4. Your attempt = success! And I love your necklace, too :)


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