A Break Anyone?!

A break...a really long one...is exactly what the Dr. has ordered for me. Except, I've got 3 weeks until I can even THINK about a break. 

Excuse this post for being negative, I just need to write things down today. 

What is not negative is the great weekend that I had at home and the wonderful Easter I got to spend with my family. I also had  my interview for my internship today, fingers crossed! 

What is negative is that I am so busy and so overwhelmed I don't know what to do with myself. I get back to school today, had to miss 2 classes and lab so I could go to my interview. I check blackboard and realize I have a journalism article due at 5...I check blackboard at 4:43. Really?! Then, we never ever have TV class in the classroom anymore, we just do our work and turn it in. Well just so happens we have TV class tomorrow...during the time I'm making up my missed lab from today...not good. I have a semester paper due on Wednesday...about Geology...I know NOTHING about Geology. Tonight I have a class, a program and a meeting to go to. Tomorrow I have make up lab, work, desk duty and another work meeting.

All weekend I'm on desk duty and have to work a Junior Day Open House on Saturday. I also have a sorority mixer and semi formal this weekend. And I have to start working on my Public Relations final project and my oral interpretation final presentation. 

And I get to school and realize I left ALLLLLLL my jewelry at home...all of it. I feel naked.

Lawd, 22 hours and 4 jobs is just about to do me in.

That is all for the day, I promise to have a happy post soon. 

Here are some happy pictures from the weekend: 


  1. UGH I feel ya with the loads and loads of work to do :/ I am in MAJOR need of a break too! I'm glad you had a good Easter weekend though! Could your waist be any tinier?!?!


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