Raise your hand if you want a billion wrinkles when you get old from sun damage? 
Right, just what I thought...nobody. 

Today I will be on my soapbox about sunscreen and those dreadful, awful words...the...tanning...bed. I hate even typing that out! 

So, it's the first day of spring and here in SC it is a nice 85 degrees outside and is supposed to be like this all week. Walking across campus this week and I am sure to see people basking in the sunshine, laying out for hours upon hours and almost always, without sunscreen. 

What a no, no! Now, you might be thinking...this girl is young, all young people frolick in the sun without thinking twice about taking care of their skin. Well, not this girl here. Ever since I was in the 9th grade I have been adamant about protecting my skin from the suns harsh and harmful rays. 

Let me tell you how:
1. Buy a moisturizer with SPF in it and wear it everyday! I don't know about you but I want the skin of my face looking great when I'm 60+.
2. Don't lay out in the sun for hours upon hours. Break up your time and exposure. 
3. DO NOT...do not do not do not lay out in the sun or even just be in the sun without sunscreen on. I beg of you to wear sunscreen every time you're going to out in the sun for an extended period of time. 
4. Find what sunscreen you like best and use it often! Whether that be rub on or spray on. 

I use 30 SPF at the least and try to always use 50 SPF every time I go out in the sun and I never ever EVER tan my face. Crazy you may say but on the contrary. Anytime I'm in the sun I have on sunscreen and most likely a hat. And if I'm laying on the beach or by the pool I will be guaranteed to have a towel covering my whole face to protect it from the sun. And I know what you're thinking...how does your face tan? Well it naturally gets some color just from regular sun exposure but I also just use a tinted moisturizer or darker makeup during the summer to match my tan skin tone. I would much rather do that than exposure my face to the sun. It literally makes me hurt to think of laying in the sun and not be covered with sunscreen. 

I hope that you take some kind of action in the SPF and sunscreen department to keep your skin healthy and freeeeeee of skin cancer. Who wants skin cancer? Uh...Nobody, that's right, NOBODY in the world wants skin cancer. I am sure of that. And I KNOW that you have seen those women who look like they have been baking in the sun their whole lives...Does their skin look like a way that you desire your skin to look like? Probsss not. 

And please, stay out of those cancer boxes. Lord have mercy I can't imagine being trapped in a box while I know these bulbs are frying my skin....UGH!!! Please don't do it...protect your skin! You do NOT have to be the tannest girl out there...I promise you! I sport my white legs and arms any time of year with no shame. 

Now don't get me wrong...I love laying by the pool and especially by the ocean but you will never find me out there without my sunscreen on and I reapply every few hours. Who likes looking like a lobster, their skin feeling like leather, your skin being hot constantly, and burnt skin is no fun in the shower...ouch! 

So please take precautions this summer. Enjoy the sun, get your vitamin D on...but do it smart people

Also, sunscreen can get expensive but my mom read a study that Targets Up & Up brand is one of the best sunscreens on the market. You can get 2 bottles of their spray on sunscreen for around $9. That's a deal. Also, to better protect your face make sure that you have a specific face sunscreen. Even buy a chapstick with sunscreen in it. 

Remember to put SPF on these areas
-whole body


Now, go enjoy some beautiful weather with protected skin! 


  1. I love this post!! Thank you for showing care and awareness for this issue!! It is so sad to see so many these days ruining their skin and bodies for life. White is the new "in" :) Enjoy the beautiful weather!!

  2. Love this post! As a licensed Esthetican I could not agree with you more! :)

  3. This is the best post. Thank you for spreading the word. I've had so many skin cancer scares and I just don't get how people still go to tanning beds.


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