My friends I present to you

(This Kind of Love)

I am LOVING that I will be HEAD RA in one of the Housing areas on campus next year...can you say the boss lady?!?

I am loving that great ideas to help me up my fruit intake from my precious readers yesterday...THANK YOU! 

I am loving the weather today...85 and goooorgeous...but I'm already sweating, gross

I am loving that it's getting close to FRIIIIDAY! 

I am loving this swimsuit...must have it!
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I am loving that I get to finally see this handsome fella this weekend

And I am loving that it's pay day. 

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Happy Wednesday friends, I hope you're as happy as that precious puppy up there! 


  1. love that suit too! does VS have it back in stock?

  2. It was 86 here today! I love it but I hate sweating haha!

  3. Congrats on the head RA job! I get my letter tomorrow to see if I get hired or not and I'm NERVOUS AS ALL CAN BE!!!

  4. Oh my gosh how cute is that puppy!? I want one! :D

    Congratulations on being an RA. Being the Boss Lady has to be a good thing, hahah!

    Dropping by from WILW.


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