Tuesday...oh Tuesday

Oh my Lord...I did not expect today to be as long and busy as it was/is. Here's the run down
-Left my room at 8:40 this morning
-Went to work at GLPA
- Went to PR class
-Went to speech class
-Went to lunch
-Recorded Mass Comm Candidate
-Produced and directed Daily News
-Recorded basketball package
-Desk Duty
-EXPO training
And hopefully I will be back in my room by 10:30 tonight...I haven't been back there all day .

Woah, I am tiiiiired and still have a few things to conquer. Bless it. 

I hope that your Tuesday is less busy and that it's been a fabulous day :) 
It's beauuutiful and really warm here today and it's supposed to be in the 80s the rest of this week...Hallejuah thank ya Jesus! 

Soooooo...I love fruits and I love veggies and eat them all the time. But here at school I really find a hard time fitting them into my diet. I have got to get better about it. My fridge is currently full of apples, oranges and plums right now, which I WILL eat. My newest addiction is blueberries...those bad boys are AWWWWESOME. Any suggestions on how to work more fruits in my diet? They don't offer that many in the caf and in the grocery store I always seem to find myself on the chip aisle. 

Oh and what is it with people obnoxiously wearing their sunglasses inside? It's not bright inside folks, quit lookin' ridiculous please and thank ya. 

And this is me on desk duty right as we speak...ridic, as usual. 
Now for a normal...or more normal one

I need to study for a test tomorrow...I made a 100 on my last test in that class, I had to share that because I'm sure you were dying to know. You're also probs dying to know that IM dying to see my Josh Colvin this weekend, missin that boy something furious. See ya soon honey bunches of oats! 

Ok, anyway, enough of my jibber jabber. Hopefully I'll be back this week with more meaningful post. 


  1. grapes are yummy and easy to take with you! & bananas too!

    & i loooove blueberries too! i eat them EVERYday!

  2. you're presh Lindsay... good luck on your test dear I'll be praying for you this morning :)

  3. Throw those blueberries on your oatmeal or cereal in the morning. Or pop them (or grapes) in a ziploc and take them with you throughout the day. When you do make it back to your room, those can be afternoon or midnight snacks! Yay for healthy and fresh fruit!


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