Spring Break

Oh I have been such a terrible blogger. I apologize for my absence the past few days and the next few days. You'd think spring break would be laid back and calm...not a chance, I'm busy LOL! But it's a good busy and I am enjoying myself so I don't mind. So I'll be MIA for the next few days but not to worry, I'll be back Sunday night for a total recap and ready to take on the week. 

I'm meeting up with my best friend Griffyn today to catch up on our lives and I'm so excited. Then I'm going to play putt-putt with Josh. Then tomorrow I am headed to Spartanburg to be in my very first fashion show! Dear Lord, Please don't let me look like a goober or fall down. Amen. We shall see how it goes, I'm hopeful that I'm really going to enjoy myself and my mom and Granny are going as well, dad has to work booooo! I have a ton of packing to do and I'm trying to finish up my lesson for our relationship study we will be starting next week in the sorority. 

And yesterday I got to make a day trip to Greenville for the fitting for the show and Josh and I spent the day downtown at the park, walking in all the stores and had the BEST lunch at one of the restaurants. 

It has been a great spring break. We went out to eat with dads side of the family this week, I got to spend some quality time with mom, dad, my granny and papa, and Josh. The week flew by and I am POSITIVELY NOT ready to go back to school...I just keep telling myself that summer will be here soon. 

Hang tight with me my lovely ones, I'll get back on track with most posting in a day or two. 



  1. glad you're having a good break :)

  2. Oh so much Fun!!! I have spring break next week. I understand it is very hard to go back!

  3. Lindsay! I am glad you had a good break!! Hope your show went well!!!

  4. Glad you were able to enjoy Spring Break! Soak it up, because once the real world hits, spring break doesn't exist anymore. This is my first year out and I miss it!

    Enjoy your Monday!


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