Pucker Up


Today is alllllll about lips! I've got 2 fantastic products that I am dying to share with you!
First up is the newest addition to my purse. 
Introducing eos summer fruit
This bad boy is FANTASTIC. I am bad about buying chapstick then never using it but this stuff is heaven and I use it constantly! I actually discovered this from reading post from other bloggers about how great it is. I love it! I got mine at Target for $3.14. I really want the lemon flavor with the SPF in it. Josh is on the hunt for it for me. And the flavor of summer fruit is FABULOUS, it tastes soooo good! This chapstick keeps your lips moist all day, it's never ending! 

Next up is Benefit lipstick in Do Tell

Mom got this for me for a pageant I was in and I love it. I don't normally do lipstick, but every time I venture to put this on I ask myself why I don't wear it more often. So my goal is to start wearing a lot more. It is a beautiful color and last so long, all of Benefits makeup is great. This stuff is perfection! 

What are your favorite chapsticks, lipstick, lip treatments? Please share!
 Next on my list to try is Baby Lips!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I am addicted to eos strawberry sorbet!! It's the BEST stuff!!

    Because Shanna Said So

  2. I have EOS in honeysuckle, and though I LOVE what it's doing for my lips, I'm already tired of the smell/taste after a few months. Oh well, it still works great. I really want to try the summer fruit though. What fruit does it most resemble? I can be picky about that sometimes...

  3. i have the mint one... but i think maybe walmart might hiave the lemon flavor. But you can also order them online :)


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