Kony 2012 & Out of Office

It's Thursday already!? Is this real life? I just woke up yesterday and it was Monday...but no complaints from this girl here! I hope that everyone is having a superb Thursday and is ready to kick off a great weekend tomorrow. 
This weekend I will be out of office...my blog office that is. I will be on my way at 11 a.m. tomorrow to Charlotte, NC for SROW Conference. I got the job to be an orientation leader again for Lander this summer and we are going to SROW this weekend to learn some new things to better our orientation program. And I'll be gone all weekend from Friday to Sunday. I will have my computer as I have school work to get done on the ride there and back but I know my conference schedule is going to be pretty hectic so I probably won't get around to blogging that much but I'll be sure for an update on Sunday and by the latest, Monday. So I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend! 

Now for a more important topic of the day. KONY 2012 was BLOWING UP my facebook newsfeed and twitter feed yesterday and I had never heard of it (people are becoming super offended by folks just now hearing about Kony and supporting it. And I watch the news every.single.day. and I watch a LOT of news channels and I am just now hearing about it. So even though this has been going on awhile I think it is GREAT that people are now being super exposed to this information.) So anyways, Kony is a very mean man in Africa that has to be stopped and arrested now. I am kind of shocked he hasn't been arrested seeing as this has been going on for 26 years now. But the word is OUT and it is spreading like wild fire so I hope we can be the change. I have been really moved lately to find something that I can support and make a difference, make a change...and this might be my chance to get a good start. 

Watch this...it's 30 minutes but it is 30 minutes well spent. 

You can also go to their website Kony 2012 to find out what you can do to show your support. 

I encourage you to take a look at this. 

I also sat down and finally got informed on the Shine Project this past week and I was so inspired by this project. I really want to start exploring ways to help. I plan on ordering my Pass It Forward cards next week. Have you joined this cause yet? Share your experiences with me! 



  1. I have heard of both of these and not checked either out yet =)
    You have inspired me =)
    Much Love,


    P.S. I find it fun we have the same number of followers....perhaps more amusing than I should have haha =)

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