Girl Behind the Blog: Vlog!

Bless it, I LOVE VLOGS! Being able to see other people in real life (well through the screen) is so awesome! Hearing voices, seeing faces and mannerism, it's just so neat (or at least I think so haha!) I can't wait to watch everyone's vlog's :)

So today I am linking up with Ashley from 5ohWifey and Andi from The Hollie Rouge. I linked up a few months ago for the first Girl Behind the Blog: Vlog and here I am for round 2!


Enjoy lovlies! 
P.S. Some great post coming your way this week, check back! 

Today's topic is 
The Girl Behind The Blog- LEARNING
Time limit: Vlogs should be 2-3 minutes long
Introduce yourself and your blog
What is something you are currently learning?
What brought you to this point?
How can you use this knowledge in the future?


  1. You are super cute lady! Really enjoyed your vlog and now a new follower. :) Patience is something I have to work on every day (being mom to a toddler I have no choice!)

  2. So good to see another vlog from you Lindsay! Your accent is the best. And we pretty much are learning the same thing! Be patient and stop planning! It's so hard to actually put into practice. :)

  3. I am so glad you and your gorgeous self linked up again!! Patience I something I am ALWAYS working in for sure!

  4. i so relate to being a planner and i've been learning that i shouldn't try and get "ahead of God" and allow Him to really lead. such a good reminder for me, thanks so much for sharing what is on your heart and for linking up with us!


  5. awwww i love your accent. people say the same of me, when i dont even realize i have one =) patience is such a important lesson to learn. i have never really been a huge planner or too impatient, but the last few years of my life have forced patience on me, and i am glad for it because it is something now i can always use... thanks so much for sharing your heart =) xo julie

  6. Thank you all so much for your sweet comments! I love sharing my heart on the blog and it being well received! :)

  7. You are so cute!! This is such an important lesson to learn too. Thanks for sharing!


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