Fridays Letters

This is my first go at Fridays Letters and I'm very excited! 
Dear School, 
You frustrated me this week, especially geology. Please be kinder next week and please bring graduation day to me soon. Please and thank you. 

Dear Weekend, 
I will be spending you in Charlotte and I am quite excited. I hope I learn lots of new and fun things and have a great time with my EXPO leaders. 

Dear Mama, 
Missin' ya this week woman...Dad too, don't tell him he didn't get a letter just for himself. I do love talking to you everyday and I'll be home very soon for Easter...but still, I miss hanging out, spring break spoiled me. Hold down the fort for me and kiss the puppies. 

Dear Josh, 
Poor poor pumpkin, you are sick this week and I hate when you're sick. Sinuses are hitting you hard and you sound so raspy and worn out on the phone. I've been praying for you constantly that this will all go away soon and you can enjoy your weekend play some golf. I'm missin' you this week too. I wish it was next weekend already so I could see you. Thank you for being so supportive of me and all my adventures that I go on (because there are A LOT). Thank you for your patience and your love and your prayers for me and for our relationship. You're my favorite. I Love You. 

Dear Followers,
You are GREAT GRAND WONDERFUL FABULOUS. It amazes me that people want to (at least I hope) read my blog and see my pictures. It makes me very very thankful. You are magnificent folks, remember that!

Dear God, 
Thank you for being with me every step of everyday. You help me, strengthen me, and keep me in line. I appreciate your guidance and your Good Book that structures my life. I don't near deserve your love but thank you so much for giving it. 

Happy Friday Friends!

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  1. What a great little link up! I hope you have a great weekend :) I decided you're my blog twin...
    Each loving a Josh that's 7 years older that we met at church = TWINS

    ~Savannah ;)


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