Friday, Friday-Happy Friday

I have never needed it to be Friday so bad in my life. 
What a week you guys...what a week. 
Tuesday and Thursday I legit was going all.day.long...I never stopped until late at night. I was a little unsure during a few times this week that I was going to make it. But lo and behold here I am and HERE IS FRIDAY!! 

So yesterday I start feeling this odd, odd feeling in my mouth...the same exact pain that I had when I got my wisdom teeth out in December. So I just try to forget it but it gets worse and I'm running a fever. So my mom calls the oral surgeon and what does he say...Oh, just that he could have possibly left some bone in my mouth from the surgery and now it is trying to come out...You guys, after the day I had yesterday and then mom told me this, I just bursted out crying. I literally have NO, none zip, nada, zero time to be heading back home for a minor surgery. Good news is...the pain is much less today, iffy news is that the surgeon said the bone could protrude enough this week that I can just pull it out (um no thank you...that does not sound delightful to me), bad news is if it's not out by Thursday I'll need to trek back home to have him take it out Friday....but that won't work because my sorority's spring retreat is next weekend. So for now, I hope the pain isn't awful and I guess I hope this bad boy just comes right out this week...bless it. 

It's been gorgeous here in good 'ol South Carolina this week and it's supposed to carry right on into the weekend...yay! Annnnnnnd drum roll please, it's been 2 weeks since I've seen Mr. Josh and I will finally get to see him this weekend....yay yay yay! 

 Promise I'll be posting some outfits soon...my life has been so busy I literally have no time to do anything. But hopefully next week things will be a little slower and I can get back on track with this blogging business. 

And it's a day early but 
Happy St Paddys Day 
Everyone have a greeeeeeeat weekend!


  1. YAY for getting to see Josh! And even more yay for your mm getting a promotion and raise!! :) Happy Friday!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog :) I hope you get some rest...and congrats on your visit and mom's promo!

  3. Bless your sweet heart! I hope the pain goes away...QUICK! I am getting my wisdom teeth out Monday. I will be sure to tell the surgeon to get it ALL out! ;) Glad you are getting to see Josh! & YAY/Congratulations to your momma!Hope you have a great weekend sweet girl!!


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