This is a Must See

Watch this, your heart will thank you. 


"You look like a babydoll"

Was the comment I got from a stranger on this outfit today. I had SO many random people come up to me and tell me how much they loved my outfit...so I thought it was blog worthy, haha!

When I put this on this morning I wasn't sure how I felt about it...but after all the compliments, I'm feeling pretty darn good! :) 

My weekend is going to consist of relaxing and playing outside (tennis and disc golf for sure) and spending some time with my man, I'm looking forward to it!
I hope you have the perfect weekend waiting ahead of you as well! 



Saved by Next Day Spray

Oh buddy, did mark. Next Day Spray save me yesterday morning. 

Here's the story, I knew before I went to bed that my phone was acting a little funny and acting like my memory card wasn't in there. But it does this every now and again and eventually just catches up with itself. Well, I had set my alarm before this little incident happened and apparently after my phone thought it didn't have a memory card in it, it didn't register that I had set an alarm. So the morning rolls around and I wake up at almost the same time every morning but I refuse to look at the clock because I know my phone will soon go off. Well I heard doors shutting outside and I knew it had to be around 7:30 and people were leaving for their 8 a.m.s because its the same routine at the same time every morning. Well I knew my phone would be going off soon so I was just laying there, and apparently I fell back asleep and woke up at 8 and was like "something is odd, let me check my phone". Oh yeah something was odd, it was 8:01 and my alarm didn't ring at 7:30 like I had it set for. AND it's Wednesday which means hair washing day. Did I have time to wash my hair this morning? Not a chance. 

So, I was actually feeling pretty good after those 30 extra minutes of sleep and I didn't freak out a bit. Thank goodness I have a next day spray. I lifted up my hair and sprayed it really good in my roots and oily spots. Then I got out by blow dryer and brush, went to work for about 2 or 3 minutes and voila! My hair looked good. I was extremely impressed. 

If you're looking for a great spray to use on your hair if you don't like to wash everyday or don't have time...here is your best friend

This stuff is like magic, I kid you not. AND is THE best smelling stuff you'll ever use, that is no exaggeration. 
I definitely recommend this product and the best part?! It's 6 bucks! 

Happy Thursday friends, ALMOST FRIDAY!!  Three cheers for that!


Girl Behind the Blog: Vlog!

Bless it, I LOVE VLOGS! Being able to see other people in real life (well through the screen) is so awesome! Hearing voices, seeing faces and mannerism, it's just so neat (or at least I think so haha!) I can't wait to watch everyone's vlog's :)

So today I am linking up with Ashley from 5ohWifey and Andi from The Hollie Rouge. I linked up a few months ago for the first Girl Behind the Blog: Vlog and here I am for round 2!


Enjoy lovlies! 
P.S. Some great post coming your way this week, check back! 

Today's topic is 
The Girl Behind The Blog- LEARNING
Time limit: Vlogs should be 2-3 minutes long
Introduce yourself and your blog
What is something you are currently learning?
What brought you to this point?
How can you use this knowledge in the future?


Spring Retreat

This weekend was my sorority's Sisterhood Spring Retreat. We had such a blast! We spent 11 hours in the car round trip and that wasn't such a great time but the beach was awesome and I loved every minute I got to spend with my sisters. We had an awesome house, right across from the beach. We got to enjoy some awesome food at Hard Rock, we did a scavenger hunt (that my group won, hooray!), got to relax on the beach, and played laser tag! What an awesome weekend. God has blessed our sorority many times over this past year. We had someone come and give us great devotions and we got to all watch the sunrise on the beach together Sunday morning then had quality quiet time with God...what a beautiful thing! Here are some pic's from the weekend enjoy!



Raise your hand if you want a billion wrinkles when you get old from sun damage? 
Right, just what I thought...nobody. 

Today I will be on my soapbox about sunscreen and those dreadful, awful words...the...tanning...bed. I hate even typing that out! 

So, it's the first day of spring and here in SC it is a nice 85 degrees outside and is supposed to be like this all week. Walking across campus this week and I am sure to see people basking in the sunshine, laying out for hours upon hours and almost always, without sunscreen. 

What a no, no! Now, you might be thinking...this girl is young, all young people frolick in the sun without thinking twice about taking care of their skin. Well, not this girl here. Ever since I was in the 9th grade I have been adamant about protecting my skin from the suns harsh and harmful rays. 

Let me tell you how:
1. Buy a moisturizer with SPF in it and wear it everyday! I don't know about you but I want the skin of my face looking great when I'm 60+.
2. Don't lay out in the sun for hours upon hours. Break up your time and exposure. 
3. DO NOT...do not do not do not lay out in the sun or even just be in the sun without sunscreen on. I beg of you to wear sunscreen every time you're going to out in the sun for an extended period of time. 
4. Find what sunscreen you like best and use it often! Whether that be rub on or spray on. 

I use 30 SPF at the least and try to always use 50 SPF every time I go out in the sun and I never ever EVER tan my face. Crazy you may say but on the contrary. Anytime I'm in the sun I have on sunscreen and most likely a hat. And if I'm laying on the beach or by the pool I will be guaranteed to have a towel covering my whole face to protect it from the sun. And I know what you're thinking...how does your face tan? Well it naturally gets some color just from regular sun exposure but I also just use a tinted moisturizer or darker makeup during the summer to match my tan skin tone. I would much rather do that than exposure my face to the sun. It literally makes me hurt to think of laying in the sun and not be covered with sunscreen. 

I hope that you take some kind of action in the SPF and sunscreen department to keep your skin healthy and freeeeeee of skin cancer. Who wants skin cancer? Uh...Nobody, that's right, NOBODY in the world wants skin cancer. I am sure of that. And I KNOW that you have seen those women who look like they have been baking in the sun their whole lives...Does their skin look like a way that you desire your skin to look like? Probsss not. 

And please, stay out of those cancer boxes. Lord have mercy I can't imagine being trapped in a box while I know these bulbs are frying my skin....UGH!!! Please don't do it...protect your skin! You do NOT have to be the tannest girl out there...I promise you! I sport my white legs and arms any time of year with no shame. 

Now don't get me wrong...I love laying by the pool and especially by the ocean but you will never find me out there without my sunscreen on and I reapply every few hours. Who likes looking like a lobster, their skin feeling like leather, your skin being hot constantly, and burnt skin is no fun in the shower...ouch! 

So please take precautions this summer. Enjoy the sun, get your vitamin D on...but do it smart people

Also, sunscreen can get expensive but my mom read a study that Targets Up & Up brand is one of the best sunscreens on the market. You can get 2 bottles of their spray on sunscreen for around $9. That's a deal. Also, to better protect your face make sure that you have a specific face sunscreen. Even buy a chapstick with sunscreen in it. 

Remember to put SPF on these areas
-whole body


Now, go enjoy some beautiful weather with protected skin! 


Baby Orajel...

...and Ibuprofen and my thermometer have been my lovers this past weekend. We have had quite a few up close and personal encounters with each other. I had my ups and downs where at some points I was wanting to rip that tooth out instantly but...

Good news is, my teeth aren't hurting at all today, thank you Lord. I'm just hoping this bad boy works his way on out this week...I have big plans this weekend, tooth. So do ya thang and get on outta there. 

Let me tell you, if you have a tooth ache...GET Baby Orajel Naturals...that stuff is like heavens and taste good too! 

In other good news, I register for my last.semester.of.college tomorrow...caaaarazy! And, i'll be taking 21 hours...possibly 24 but I will NOT have Friday classes and only one on Monday and Wednesdays...say what?!? Now, Tuesdays and Thursdays I'll probably be a bear and you may not want to talk to me because I will be going from 9:45 in the morning until 6:45 in the evening, but any other day of the week, I'm ya girl. AND I avoided 8 am's for the second semester in a row, that in itself is a miracle. 

This weekend was fantastic, minus my horrific tan lines I acquired...I least I got some sun right? So glad I got to see my Josh and get to spend some quality time with him. And this coming weekend me and my sorority will be heading to...wait for it...Myrtle Beach for our spring retreat...WAHOOO!!! So excited and looking forward to Friday! 

How do you guys feel about 21 Jump Street? Have you seen it? I heard it's really good. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed St. Pats. Have a great Monday tomorrow! 

I have to jet...Khloe and Lamar are about to start! 


Friday, Friday-Happy Friday

I have never needed it to be Friday so bad in my life. 
What a week you guys...what a week. 
Tuesday and Thursday I legit was going all.day.long...I never stopped until late at night. I was a little unsure during a few times this week that I was going to make it. But lo and behold here I am and HERE IS FRIDAY!! 

So yesterday I start feeling this odd, odd feeling in my mouth...the same exact pain that I had when I got my wisdom teeth out in December. So I just try to forget it but it gets worse and I'm running a fever. So my mom calls the oral surgeon and what does he say...Oh, just that he could have possibly left some bone in my mouth from the surgery and now it is trying to come out...You guys, after the day I had yesterday and then mom told me this, I just bursted out crying. I literally have NO, none zip, nada, zero time to be heading back home for a minor surgery. Good news is...the pain is much less today, iffy news is that the surgeon said the bone could protrude enough this week that I can just pull it out (um no thank you...that does not sound delightful to me), bad news is if it's not out by Thursday I'll need to trek back home to have him take it out Friday....but that won't work because my sorority's spring retreat is next weekend. So for now, I hope the pain isn't awful and I guess I hope this bad boy just comes right out this week...bless it. 

It's been gorgeous here in good 'ol South Carolina this week and it's supposed to carry right on into the weekend...yay! Annnnnnnd drum roll please, it's been 2 weeks since I've seen Mr. Josh and I will finally get to see him this weekend....yay yay yay! 

 Promise I'll be posting some outfits soon...my life has been so busy I literally have no time to do anything. But hopefully next week things will be a little slower and I can get back on track with this blogging business. 

And it's a day early but 
Happy St Paddys Day 
Everyone have a greeeeeeeat weekend!



My friends I present to you

(This Kind of Love)

I am LOVING that I will be HEAD RA in one of the Housing areas on campus next year...can you say the boss lady?!?

I am loving that great ideas to help me up my fruit intake from my precious readers yesterday...THANK YOU! 

I am loving the weather today...85 and goooorgeous...but I'm already sweating, gross

I am loving that it's getting close to FRIIIIDAY! 

I am loving this swimsuit...must have it!
Pinned Image

I am loving that I get to finally see this handsome fella this weekend

And I am loving that it's pay day. 

Pinned Image

Happy Wednesday friends, I hope you're as happy as that precious puppy up there! 


Tuesday...oh Tuesday

Oh my Lord...I did not expect today to be as long and busy as it was/is. Here's the run down
-Left my room at 8:40 this morning
-Went to work at GLPA
- Went to PR class
-Went to speech class
-Went to lunch
-Recorded Mass Comm Candidate
-Produced and directed Daily News
-Recorded basketball package
-Desk Duty
-EXPO training
And hopefully I will be back in my room by 10:30 tonight...I haven't been back there all day .

Woah, I am tiiiiired and still have a few things to conquer. Bless it. 

I hope that your Tuesday is less busy and that it's been a fabulous day :) 
It's beauuutiful and really warm here today and it's supposed to be in the 80s the rest of this week...Hallejuah thank ya Jesus! 

Soooooo...I love fruits and I love veggies and eat them all the time. But here at school I really find a hard time fitting them into my diet. I have got to get better about it. My fridge is currently full of apples, oranges and plums right now, which I WILL eat. My newest addiction is blueberries...those bad boys are AWWWWESOME. Any suggestions on how to work more fruits in my diet? They don't offer that many in the caf and in the grocery store I always seem to find myself on the chip aisle. 

Oh and what is it with people obnoxiously wearing their sunglasses inside? It's not bright inside folks, quit lookin' ridiculous please and thank ya. 

And this is me on desk duty right as we speak...ridic, as usual. 
Now for a normal...or more normal one

I need to study for a test tomorrow...I made a 100 on my last test in that class, I had to share that because I'm sure you were dying to know. You're also probs dying to know that IM dying to see my Josh Colvin this weekend, missin that boy something furious. See ya soon honey bunches of oats! 

Ok, anyway, enough of my jibber jabber. Hopefully I'll be back this week with more meaningful post. 


Is it Friday Yet? SROW & Award

Yep, you read that title right. It's not even Monday and I'm ready for Friday. Maybe this week will be kind and Friday will be here before I know it...let's all hope :) 
I got back in to town from Charlotte today at 2:30 and the conference was so fun! UNC Charlotte hosted SROW (which is and orientation leader conference) and they did a great job. They fed us great at every meal, their facilities were so nice, beautiful campus, nice people and had an awesome social for us to go to last night. I have never been around SO many spirited and energetic people in my life. It was schools from all over the south east that attended, there were about 3,000 of us there. The energy never.stopped...ever. Schools we're chanting and cheering and dancing and screaming the whole time. Needless to say I was chanting and cheering right along and I danced my butt off. I think everyone in our group had an awesome time. 
Here's some pic's to recap the weekend!

This past week sweet Kristen from A Lovely Mist nominated me for the 
Thank you SO much Kristen! Go check out her blog...pronto!

Now what is the Liebster Blog Award?  Liebster is German and means 'dearest' or 'beloved', but it can also mean 'favorite.'  The idea behind the Liebster Award is to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers.  If you are selected, you need to:

1. Choose FIVE up and coming blogs to award the Liebster {they must have less than 200 followers}.
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3. Post the award on your blog.
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5. Best of all, have fun and share the love!

Here are the 5 blogs I choose: 
Savannah @ Savannah Smiles
Megan @ Hearts Prepared

Hope everyone had a great weekend!