Wrap Watches

TGIF! I am STOKED to be able to sleep in tomorrow, it's been tooooo long since that has taken place.
Has anyone seen these bad boys? Wrap watches are ALL over the place right now and I'm in love. I am a lover of watches anyway, I think they are so sophisticated and just add such a classy touch to outfits, so when this trend hit the scene I was alllll over it. 

I thought they'd be relatively easy to find...oh how wrong I was living in this tiny town in SC. I probably should have been patient and wait until I was at home in Columbia for spring break next week to start shopping for one...but oh no, when I get an idea, it happens that same day (I'm real bad about that LOL!). So I ventured out and found a wrap watch of my own at this place called the Alcoves (it's a boutique here in town). They only had a few but they had just the one I was looking for. I knew I wanted brown because I don't currently have a brown watch and I found this one and fell in love. Ok, at first I was a little disappointed that it didn't have a bigger watch face BUT I decided that all of my watch faces are massive and I needed to switch it up and I just really liked this watch and it was only $18.99! I had been shopping all over Etsy and I had hard time finding any wrap watches under $45, so I got lucky! I love this watch! Are you into this current trend? Do you have a wrap watch? 

Here's mine! 


  1. i love the brown! I bought a black one recently with a rectangle face but I don't wear watches much. It do love it tho!

  2. i am so in love! I love wrap watches, and yours is darling. I was a teal colored one, the ones i find are always more than $50, and I haven't made the plunge yet!

    1. Check out this site, this might be what you're looking for and totally under $50! http://www.lulus.com/categories/100_232/watches.html


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