Weekend Recap & Catch Up

Hi everyone! I hope that everyone had a great weekend, mine flew by but it was fabulous! Today's post is gonna be about recapping the weekend and catching up with some blog business. 

Friday Night: I stayed home and enjoyed time with my fam, my mom and I cleaned out my closet, I saw my grandparents and just relaxed. It was a great first day home and mom and I watched so much Say Yes to the Dress, it was awesome. Lori said "We done jacked her up to Jesus" and I'm pretty sure I quoted that all night...hiiiiiilarious. 

Saturday: I went to shopping with my mom and Granny and we all got some great things! I bought some awesome makeup brush cleaner at ULTA and it works perfectly, I'll post about it soon. I also got a new dress that I wore out for date night with Josh that night. Mom and Granny and I had such a fantastic time shopping and spending the day with each other, I love those 2 women. And the wind just about did us in, our hair looked a hot mess all day, haha! That night I went out for date night with my man, it was perfect. I hadn't seen him in 2 weeks so I was sooooo happy to see him. We were not happy to get to Long Horn and them tell us there was an 85 minute wait...um 85?!? Traffic out at the mall was awful and every sit down place was PACKED so in true Josh and Lindsay style, we had Chick Fil A :) 

Sunday: I went to church with my fam, came home and had lunch then made the worst decision of my life...Josh and I went and adopted a dog for a day at Pets Inc...I went in thinking oh I'll be fine...um WRONG! Do I know myself?!? Yes, yes I do, and I KNEW that I was going to cry when I had to bring the dog back but I thought maybe today I'd be Wonder Woman...incorrect, I cried like a BABY when we had to take the dog back. We adopted a little beagle named Max for the day. He was THE sweetest dog ever. He didn't bark, jumped right into my lap to ride to the park, didn't claw at you or get in your face and at the park when Josh and I were sitting on the towel he'd come right up and sit in between and snuggle close. I mean, he was such a pleasure to have for the day and the poor little guy was so tuckered out he slept all the way back to Pets Inc and of course when I had to turn him over, I lost it. I wanted to keep him SO.BAD. And I knew we had done a great thing by getting him out for the day and playing with him and I know he enjoyed it, but I didn't want to leave him there and of course right before I walk out the door I turned around to look back and he was turned around looking at me and Josh like "Hey come back, where are you going" then I walked out the store and proceeded to cry...all the way home...and Josh wanted to too but he was strong for the both of us and held it in. Good news is that Pets Inc said that Max was getting adopted this week, thank goodness. He deserves the best home. 

I also have a Sponsor I want to share with you today. His name is Mike Shea and we go to school together at Lander. He is a great DJ and a wonderfully nice person. We are both studying Mass Communications. I think it's awesome that we go to school together and are both in the blog world. I am always happy to support others blog and help promote them and get their name out there! 

About Mike: 
"Mike Shea's blog "The Eyes of a Metalhead" lets him express his views and insight into the music and entertainment industry, as well as his love for hard rock and heavy metal. A comedian, actor, DJ, and a self-proclaimed "audiophile", Mike gives his viewers an in-depth look at upcoming concerts, tours, and festivals, as well as album releases, and all the other goings-on. Anybody who reads, even if they're not a fan of heavier music, will enjoy Mike's no-holds-barred sense of humor and his well-researched articles all while gaining a vast exposure to an entire world of music."

Go check out Mike's blog HERE.

And an update on my vlog...getting questions was a FAIL, so I shall try again another time. I did get 2 questions though which I will answer on tomorrow post. I also got tagged in a blog game which will be on tomorrows post, check back! 


  1. sounds like a great weekend. Max is super cute! So glad he is getting adopted this week :)

  2. Sounds like such a fun weekend! You look so gorgeous in that dress!!! Awww I would NEVER be able to adopt an animal for a day! I would never want to return them lol

  3. Awe, I wish my Granny was still here to shop with. :) You posting about this made me smile...looks like you had a fab weekend!!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend!! You look so super cute :) And your new puppy looks so precious! :)

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! You look adorable, and I had to laugh at the Chickfila comment. That is SO us! I can't wait to hear about the brush cleaner from ULTA...I am in need of something like that.

  6. Sounds like an amazing weekend!
    So glad you got to spend some great BF time!

    Happy Day!


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