Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone! 

Today I am being made VERY aware of how much I am loved, it kind of puts me in awe when I really sit down and think about it. All the gifts aside that I got for Valentines day, I have the most wonderful family who showers me with so much love everyday of the year, its overwhelming how much they love me. I am so so so blessed. Not only am I reminded today how much my family loves me but how much my God loves me. He pours out such love on me everyday, even when I'm at my worst, and His love is unconditional and unfailing and everlasting, what a thought! What a beautiful, beautiful thought. I hope today that you are being loved on by your family and I hope that you are remembering how much God loves you. And I hope that you are given the chance today so show someone else a lot of love, every single person in the world deserves love. 

Now, I have to brag on my family and Josh a little...they deserve it. They do it up right for every holiday and they did not disappoint this Valentines. 

Josh got me: 
This is my first pair of TOMS and I am officially in love.
I was a little skeptical at first, but after wearing them all
day yesterday, ahhh! 
My love for these is no secret and would you believe this box
was MISSING a candy when I opened it?! It's the candy
gods telling me to lay off the chocolate, haha!

My parents were in town a few weekends ago and mom brought me the cutest Valentines basket she had made. I wish I would have taken a picture of it before I destroyed it, LOL! Mom and dad bought me magazines, a Carolina shirt, a PRECIOUS elephant mug, elephant toothbrush holder, and elephant cup. And lots and lots of my favorite candy! Then today I went to my mailbox and had a package from them. It was a jewelry box with a beautiful necklace inside, mom really outdoes herself! I also had a card from my grandparents that was just beautiful. 

I hope that everyone is sporting their red and pink today! 

I can't wait to hand out my Valentines to my residents this afternoon. Everyone have a GREAT Valentines Day! Let yourself be loved and share your love with others! 


  1. CUTE! I love it. What a sweet family and josh you have :) Happy Valentines day!

    1. Agreed =) What a fun Valentines Day! =) Glad you had such an awesome time!
      Much Love,


  2. I LOVE your new Toms!! Happy late Valentines Day!


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