Sometimes and Always

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Is today Mardi Gras? I feel like I should be more aware of that...oops. So, if it IS, Happy Mardi Gras...if it's NOT, Happy Mardi Gras anyway haha! Or wait, is it Fat Tuesday? I bet it's Fat Tuesday...I give up! (Oh my word, bless my soul, I apologize for my ignorance. I typed this earlier today before I was informed that Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday are the same day. I really need to be more cultured. I thought Mardi Gras was the day after Fat Tuesday, I really have got to get it together, sorry guys!)
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Sometimes I tell myself I will not have any sweets... 
Always I end up eating way more sweets than I should have

Sometimes I tell myself I'm going to practice a lot of patience
Always does that go out the window and I have no patience

Sometimes I drag myself to the gym against my will
Always am I glad that I went and feel much better afterwards

Sometimes I tell myself I'm going to start eating better and less
Always does that never ever ever work 

Sometimes I tell myself I'm just going to "look" while shopping
Always do I buy something, it's like clock work

Sometimes I think my school work is going to swallow me up and never get done
Always do I get more done than I ever imagined and always on time 

Sometimes I tell myself to leave my sweet puppy alone while she's sleeping
Always do I crawl on the floor to her bed and pet her to death and rock her like a baby

Sometimes I need for God to speak to me and show me the way
Always does He come through and give me what I need 


  1. i'm with you on these! i am the same way!

  2. I loved this! the sometimes/always is so neat. I'm completely the same, I always intend to do something and then it doesn't come through haha.
    I am your newest follower and would love if you would check out my blog and follow if you like :) I hope you have a wonderful day!


  3. Mardi Gras is Fat Tuesday in French... it's the same day :)

    1. Bless you Tesla for keeping me in line!

    2. I just learned that last year... my mom told me

  4. Having patience is SO hard! I do the same thing where I tell myself I'll be more patient and I never really have patience haha.

  5. Ahhh, I told myself no sweets today and I just finished eating three cookies. Haha! Oh well.

    Thanks so much for linking up with me!!


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