I'm skipping out on High 5 for Friday today (sad, I know) and posting 2 outfits from this week. If anyone visited my blog yesterday during the times that it was lookin' like a HOT MESS, I do apologize. But now, as you can see, I have a new layout and all that jazz...I change it up a lot, I think since I look at my blog so much I get bored, but I really like what I have going on right now so hopefully it'll be around for awhile. Also, thank you so much for the encouraging comments on yesterdays post about my sorority's upcoming Bible study! 
I was super glad to see Friday arrive this week, but I have so many errands and random things to cram in today...hope it all gets done! 

First up is my faaaaavorite jacket that came from Target like...3 years ago. 

This jacket has so much going on and pops of color all over the place, it really stands out and it's one of my favorite pieces. Do you have a favorite jacket with a pop of color that you like to wear? 

Next up is my regular scarf that I turned into a circle scarf (are they called infinity scarfs?) These seem to be all the rage lately and I can't find a real one (meaning one I don't have to make shift into a circle) anywhere, if you have one, where did you get it? Please share!
Half way during the day my scarf started to come a little untied and I looked down one time and it was like hanging funny and I was thinking to myself, oh bless this poor scarf, HA! But for the most part it held up during the day and I thought it turned out pretty cute

One of my blog friends mentioned earlier this week how HARD it is to take pictures of yourself when you don't have anyone to do it for you...so I apologize if my pictures look crazy sometimes, and if I have to cut my head off on occasion to get the whole outfit in the shot, I'm making do LOL!

HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY! Have a beautiful and safe weekend my friends :)


  1. i LOVE both outfits!! :) and i also adore that coat!

  2. I love that scarf. The colors are gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. love the scarf, the pearls and boots! Such a darling outfit. I love fashion posts, I always save them for inspiration. Cute blog!


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