My Humble Abode...or Dorm

Happy Happy Tuesday! We survived Monday, wahoo, more specifically I survived lab yesterday, I hate geology lab. Today I have successfully hung up on a caller in GLPA this morning as I was trying to transfer a call, had to chat with a rude man on the phone about show tickets and was 2 minutes late to class due to the pit stop at the restroom...but the good news, my teacher was 2 minutes late too, score! Oh and yesterday I ordered my college ring, YAY!!  I cannot wait for it to come in. OK, enough jibber jabber let's get to the post. 

Today I want to show you my humble abode dorm. I find myself wondering where my blogger friends call home or their rooms, or dorms or apartments or wherever they may live. I love to see how people decorate and all that good stuff so today I will show you my pad. 

I have a loft! It is very cool, and very messy at the
moment due to all my crafts up there.
Bless this closet, it is walk-in (hooray) but it is slightly a mess right now.

Alright, now I have to rant about the Super Bowl for a minute. 
1. I wish people would GET OFF Gisele's back. The woman was just defending her husband and made a very correct statement. He was throwing the ball RIGHT into the hands of his receivers and they just couldn't hang on to it. Let's be honest, if people were heckling me about my husband the way he played, I would yell at them too...I mean, minus the ugly word she used, but I'd yell! 
2. Madonna was not THAT awful. People are acting like it was the worst thing in the world. Now, she did look very nervous, I kind of felt bad for her. And that odd outfit they had on her in the beginning was...different. And she did look a little uncomfortable in her heels but besides that I thought she did a pretty good job, I mean the woman is 53 years old! I also wish they would have done without MIA, I mean WHY do you have to stick up your middle finger to the camera, it is SO unneccessary. But besides that I thought it was decent, good job Madonna!
3. I LOVED that a lot of the commercials this year had puppies in them, my heart was melting!!

OH and I have officially thrown the towel in on the Bachelor. Courtney and Ben kind of make my stomach hurt (I know that's ugly but I just can't help it!). I just can hardly stand watching them together and ugh, just don't like it so I have given up on the Bachelor, Adios Ben!

And now for updating my Photo-a-Day Challenge:
Day 5: 10 a.m. which I changed to 10 p.m. 
Day 6: Dinner
Remember: I eat in a dining hall of a university every.day. 
P.S. Y'all left me THE nicest comments on my vlog yesterday, thank you thank you thank you! You are all so dog gone sweet ! Also, THANK YOU to my new followers, it makes my heart so happy, it really does!


  1. Ok so I am in LOVE with your dorm room!
    If we had gone to college together, I would have totally wanted to be your roommate...or had dorm-envy =)
    Much Love,


  2. Your room is so cool!
    I so wish my dorm room looked as cool as yours does!

    PS. Geology Lab was the death of me in college! Hang in there girl!

  3. OMG! Your dorm room is HUGE!!! And you have a loft...omg. I am amazed right now! Love the way your decorate...cute :)


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