I am happy to announce that I have over 50, yes FIFTY, followers now! Thank you thank you thank you to ALL my followers and a special thank you to my recently new ones! It's almost hard to believe that over 50 people enjoy what I have to say, LOL! Over 50 followers is awesome, thank you guys so much, I can't wait for this blog to continue to grow!

I'll admit..ANYTHING that Josh gives me, I keep. I literally can't stand the thought of him giving me something and me not keeping it. And I am a huge fan of sitting down on my couch some nights and re-reading every card he's given me and looking at old movie stubs or notes. So not long after we started dating I wanted to get a box to put everything he gives me in and Hobby Lobby had just what I wanted, a heart shaped box! 
I bought the box and bought wooden letters to spell out our names and wooden hearts. I picked up some purple and blue paint, my favorite color and his and headed home to start a very simple project that has lasted me a very long time and I have made a lot of good use out of it.

And on Valentines I meant to share with you guys what I got for Josh and I totally forgot, so let me do that now! He had 2 pictures that he really wanted framed and I decided I was going to do that for his gift. Well, these 2 pictures aren't regular shaped so I was going to have to do custom framing. So I went to Michaels while they were having a 50% sale on their custom framing...SCORE Wrong! I sat down and got price estimates for these 2 pictures and it was going to cost me over $250...now that is probably a good price for custom framing because I know it's expensive to get done...but I am on a college students budget and I could have swung it but man would that have hurt me! So I decided I was going to do this project by myself. I headed to Hobby Lobby, bought 2 18x24 frames and this fancy poster board that looked JUST like the stuff that pictures are matted in, I hit the jackpot. I brought them home, and here's how it turned out!
(Btw, Josh graduated from the University of South Carolina, hence the Gamecock theme)

Look how happy he was...he is going to DIE if he reads
this post, hahaha! Sorry babe :)
I also got him a disc golf bag for his new found hobby, the boy loves to play disc golf, and I'll admit...I really enjoy it too!
We were literally walking through the book store on campus and
he sees this bag and goes, I really like this bag, this is the one I want.
All the while, I already had the bag wrapped up for him for Valentines,
worked out too perfectly!

I hope everyone has a very happy weekend :)


  1. congrats on 50! yay, that is great! have a great weekend, girl! :)

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you have a great weekend too!


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