Its OK Thursday

Apparently I am all about link ups this week, which is quite alright by me. But do not fret! I have an outfit post just sitting on my computer waiting to be posted. Also, since I have well exceeded 50 followers I am going to do a Q & A post. I will be answering any questions that you have for me about myself, my life or just anything really. I'm going to do a vlog post answering everyone's questions. So pretty please leave a question in the comment box of this post. Hopefully I'll get at least a FEW questions so I can make the vlog. Just a chance for everyone to get to know me a little better! I'll probably try to do the vlog on Sunday so you have until then to post some questions! And another thing, I have never really set a goal of followers for the blog because no matter how few or how many followers I had I wanted to post about things I enjoyed and keep with my blog even if a lot of people weren't reading. But I have decided that I am setting a goal for 100 followers and when I get there I will do a giveaway, this is very exciting! 

But for today I'm linking up with  Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup for 
 Its Ok Thursdays

Its OK....

-That I'm about to burst for it to be around 12:30 tomorrow and I'll be on the road to home for spring break!!!

-That my hair looks like a crazy woman today...and did yesterday too 

-That I was saying ugly things in my head about my art professor...if you had him you'd say ugly things too 

-That I'm probably going to attack my pup when I get home because I've missed her so

-That I can't wait to see my bestie Griffyn when I get home, I miss that girl!

-That Josh told me I was emotionally high maintenance...and that he is totally correct 

-That my new eye liner is AWFUL so my eyes look a hot mess on the reg

-That I have started using abbreviations for things...like reg, ridic or obvi...that's embarrasing

-That I KILLED my oral interpretation presentation the other day, but my legs were shaking like a maniac

-That the weather today is b-e-a-uuuuutiful 

-That I accidentally hung up on someone while trying to transfer the call while working in GLPA the other day

-That I say bless so much, people start saying it FOR me before I can even get it out of my mouth

-That I told a little white lie to Josh that I had something coming in the mail for me to his apt so he needed to check his mail ASAP, when in actuality I had sent him a card and craft I made and couldn't be patient enough to wait for him to check the mail himself (who knows when THAT would have happened) 

I haven't posted many pics lately...so let me leave you with a funny one today...this is what happens when you are your own photographer and you aren't ready before the self timer goes off... 
Don't I look like a robot?! hahahaha! I was in the process of putting my hands on my hips

Oh and I made a craft the other day, it's super simple but really cute I thought...be sure to check back to see it, maybe posted tomorrow or Saturday!

Happy Thursday!


  1. cute!!! loving the picture =)
    I have a question for you =)

    What has the Lord been teaching you recently? Where do you feel he is calling you in the future?
    (Feel free to not answer) =)

    I look forward to seeing your craft project =)

    p.s. would you like to do a button swap?

    Much Love,



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