I Love You This Much

Today is Monday, Today I'm on Spring Break, Today I'm going to be in my PJs all day. 
Last week I sent Josh a card and put a hand made craft inside. I'm dying over how precious this is. Excuse my terrible cutting skills...they really are awful. All you have to do to make this is trace your hands, cut them out, cut a strip of paper for the middle, fold it like an accordion and then glue it to the inside. Very, very easy.  

I think this is adorable to make for anyone. Josh said he thought it was too funny and too cute when he opened it with his card. 

As promised I said I would answer the 2 questions that I received for my Q & A vlog so here they go. These questions are from L and she asked What has the Lord been teaching you recently and Where do you feel He is calling you in the future? 
1. The Lord has been teaching me quite a few things lately. He has been teaching me a lot about being patient and exercising my patience everyday. Also, I tend to have a sharp tongue at time with the people I love most, He has been showing me that I need to watch what I say because I never mean the harsh words, but say them anyways. He has showed me that I need to treasure my life because it could be taken away in a flash. I have also started a relationship study for my sorority and through that He is teaching me how to have a relationship that is centered around Him and a healthy, loving relationship. He is teaching me how to love others better and be more caring and giving of my time. 
2. I think in the future the Lord is calling me to be a wife, career woman and mom. I think that God will use my in whatever way He best sees fit and I will faithfully give Him my life to do let Him use me as He pleases. After I graduate I would love to find a great job, get married and be very involved in church possibly teaching a Sunday School class and finding others way to give back to the church and my community. I think that God will direct me and guide me and have me do what His will is for my life. 

Thank you, L, for your questions! 

Now for 7x7 
Here's what it is. There are 4 rules: 
1. Link back to the blogger that nominated your blog. Thank you MIKI!!!
2. Share 7 factuals about yourself 
3. Share 7 blog post that fit into 7 different categories
4. Nominate 7 award winning blogs to do this 7x7 

7 things about me: 
1. I am an only child. 
2. I sing and dance like it's my JOB and I'm pretty awful. 
3. I'm a reality TV junkie. 
4. I LOVE Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic, legit. 
5. I love love love love love love elephants. 
6. I'm very spunky, get excited about everything and wear my emotions RIGHT on my sleeve. 
7. I love blogging! So so so so so much more than I ever thought I would. 

7 post: 

7 blogs: 
Tesla @ Peace.Love.and Passion
Valerie @ Along the Way with V & J 
L @ All Glorious Within
Mackenzie @ French Kissin Life 
Shanna @ Because Shanna Said So 
Jessica @ Lovely Little Things
Meg @ Sweetly Complicated
(If any of you 7 don't feel like participating, no worries, my feelings will not be hurt :) )


  1. I love that card! How adorable! No worries, I am also a reality TV junky. I record everything!

  2. Thanks for tagging me girl!
    And don't worry - I wear my emotions on my sleeve too :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

  3. eeepp... thanks for tagging me... I think i'll be doing this now!
    Have a great spring break!
    Love, Tesla

  4. A. I am obsessed with your cute little craft!!!
    B. You're just really awesome!
    C.Thanks for tagging me! Cant wait to play!!

    Happy mondayyyy!!!!


  5. aw, thanks so much for taggine me! :)

    LOVE your blog! have a great day, girlie!

  6. This is adorable. You are adorable.
    Very cute blog :)


    Fancy Napkin

  7. This is a really sweet post :)

    I'd love if you could visit my blog! I am a new fashion blogger :)



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