Happiness is...

Hi friends! So I really wanted to blog today but 
1. I have like zero time, booo :(
2. I didn't really know what to blog about and I didn't want to force is 

BUT here I am and not forcing it :) Hooray for that. Today's blog post will be short and sweet, I'm going to quote the card  that Josh got me for Valentines day. It is very simple but I think it's my most favorite card that I've ever gotten. 

"Happiness is... 
Less worry, 
More living

Less getting,
More giving

Less wanting, 
More sharing

Less talking,
More caring

More smiles, 
Less stressing

Less busy,
More blessing 

Less lists of "to-do's",
More time spent with you"

I love this so much and it is so true! It'sperfect, just like my pumpkin :) (go ahead, gag if you need, haha!)
I truly hope that everyone had a beautiful weekend and great Monday. I LOOOOOOVE Valentines day so I will certainly be back tomorrow to post some mushy and fun stuff, check back pretties! 

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