The Girl Behind the Blog: VLOG!

Today I am linking up for 

This is such a great idea and I was so excited to make my vlog and watch everyone else's!!

I look like a crazy person, haha! 
Thank you Erin and Ashley for hosting this! Go check out their blogs!

Hope everyone has had a great Monday, mine has been good, but I'm beat...and still have a night class to go to and a sorority meeting...I need spring break to be here STAT! 


  1. You are simply adorable! I love your accent! You're right.. it is hard to remember to be blogging for yourself. That is def one of the hardest parts for me too! I'm so glad you linked up!

  2. Lindsay your accent makes my heart smile! You're so beautiful and I love your attitude towards life and blogging! So happy you linked up!!

  3. Thank you! I am SO glad that I saw this link-up, solely for the fact that it led me to both of your blogs! You guys are wonderful bloggers :)

  4. Oh my goodness, you are darling. Glad I found your blog through this link up!

  5. This was SO FUN. I love your blog. You had me laughing girl. You remind me of many of my friends here in Alabama. Must be a southern thing. So glad you linked up so I can follow your blog!

  6. I wish I had your accent!!! Its adorable!! =) Love it!!!
    I love that you share your life =)
    Much love,


  7. You are the cutest thing. I enjoyed your vlog and I am now following your blog. Happy Monday!!

  8. I need spring break as well! :) Make sure to check out my blog! If you like what you see, please follow! I follow back :)

    Best Wishes,

  9. You have the cutest accent EVER. So glad that we're blog buds, because you are so fun and cute!
    :) Great job, girl!


  10. I stinkin love you! So cute and sweet!!

  11. Found your blog today and so glad I stopped by :) Looking forward to following and reading more!! Love it :)

  12. You're so cute! I love that you are at another small school SC girl! Keep on blogging! :)

    xoxo ryann


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