Fashion Friday

HAPPY FRIDAY! SPRING BREAK STARTS TO-DAY! But get this...it's pouring rain with severe thunderstorms expected this afternoon...bless it. But nonetheless it is BREAK and I am ALMOST FREE!!!! One more class and an interview and sweet freedom will be mine...and I look like a wet puppy from packing up my car in the rain, good thing I packed my whole closet yesterday

Okie dokie so let's talk fashion shall we?! Last week I wore a very preppy polo button up, black cardigan over the top, big earrings with flowers on them and a flower headband...then you hit the bottom half and BAM! I had on Coach leopard converse-like shoes. But I loved it, it was different and preppy but with a twist. 

I love to play around with my wardrobe and see what I can come up with. Excuse the quality of some of the pictures, you never know whats gonna turn out when you're using your self timer and excuse my hair...I neglected to restraighten it before I took the pics...lol! 

I hope that everyone has a beautiful, wonderful, fantastic, fabulous, and relaxing weekend! 

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At some point this weekend I'll have a sponsor post and I'll be doing a question post that I was tagged in, check back beautifuls!


  1. I love the look of the shirt rolled up with the jacket. It is such a darling fad, and it is okay for work or to go out. you look so CUTE!

  2. as always... lovely... you are possibly the most stylish person i know...


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