A Bunch of Randoms

It is a beauuuutiful Sunday here in South Carolina, the weather is perfect, I hope that wherever you are the weather is perfect too :) This post is going to be very random but hopefully you'll find it entertaining! It is now Sunday which means I survived Homecoming Week and it was a grand time but I am glad it's over. I'm ready to get back to a normal routine! 

I was going to do OOTD from everyday this week, but I obviously forgot LOL! I did however get three days out of the week so here you go:

Here are some pictures from Homecoming Week: 

And a funny picture for good measure: 
I had my hair in a "poof" today, you know like a poof in
the very front, and when I took it down this is what
And now to catch up on the Photo-a-Day Challenge
Day 2: Words
Studying for my first Geology test, yuck!
Day 3: Hands
My nails look AWFUL, but this is currently my fav color!
Day 4: A Stranger
This is a ref and player from the game yesterday.
Day 5 (today) was supposed to be at 10 a.m., however I was unaware of that so I'm going to alter it to be 10 p.m. so I will update with that picture tomorrow! 

Does anyone have fun plans for the Super Bowl? Hosting a party? Going to one? And who do you think is bringing home the championship, Patriots or Giants? 
My vote is for the Patriots (but I don't really care for either team, I wish Tebow was going to be out there! HA!)

Happy Sunday Friends!


  1. I hope the Giants win... I love the Manning family!

  2. I know this is an older-ish post, but I'm a new follower and was just checking out your blog. I saw the picture of your geology notes and thought it was funny because I'm literally studying for my first geology test RIGHT.THIS.SECOND! lol! Hope your test went well! I have mine tomorrow..AHH! I look forward to reading your posts! :)


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