Product Spotlight: Brush Cleaner

Today I went shopping, just me and my Granny this morning, it was so fun. I love spending the day with her! We hit up a few stores then got lunch together, I am so blessed to have both sets of my grandparents still with me. Then I came home and it is beeeeautiful in SC today, so I took my precious pup for a walk, played ball with my other precious pup then my dad and I washed my car like it was nobody business. She looks just as good as the day we drove her off the show room floor. Random fact about me: I am ANAL about a clean car. My car is NEVER a mess on the inside, ever. Never any paper in the sides of the door, trash anywhere, excessive dirt in the floorboards, oh no. I keep my car really clean and I give her a goooood washing every few  weeks. And it helps that my dad is a car washing pro, he cleans car like I have never seen before. He makes my tires shine like brand new, so when we tag team to clean, my car is spotless. I'm glad it was such a nice day and I could spend some time outside and get my vitamin D on. 

A few days ago I mentioned a new makeup brush cleaner that I bought. I got it from ULTA for $12.99 and it is called Japonesque Professional Brush Cleaner 

This is the bottle I got, which I'm a fan of the spray bottle but they also had this bottle, but it was $29.99...um, no thank you. 

This stuff is worth every penny. It worked PERFECTLY. All you have to do it spray it on your brushes while rotating them, then take a towel or paper towel and rub all the nasty built up makeup off. I sprayed this on my foundation brush first and after 1 or 2 spritz the makeup was literally running out of the brush. And the best part is, it has an orange-y smell. Not a knock-you-over-powerful-this-is-gross smell...but a pleasant mild scent which I really liked. I cleaned 4 of my brushes and they look like NEW! This stuff is fabulous! I definitely recommend it. If you're looking for a new cleaner, this is the one to buy. It's light weight on your brush, makes the makeup come right off and cleans it to perfection. 

I cleaned all 4 of my brushes and used a good amount of the cleaner and still have a ton left, so I think this will definitely last a very long time. 

Happy Tuesday friends!


I Love You This Much

Today is Monday, Today I'm on Spring Break, Today I'm going to be in my PJs all day. 
Last week I sent Josh a card and put a hand made craft inside. I'm dying over how precious this is. Excuse my terrible cutting skills...they really are awful. All you have to do to make this is trace your hands, cut them out, cut a strip of paper for the middle, fold it like an accordion and then glue it to the inside. Very, very easy.  

I think this is adorable to make for anyone. Josh said he thought it was too funny and too cute when he opened it with his card. 

As promised I said I would answer the 2 questions that I received for my Q & A vlog so here they go. These questions are from L and she asked What has the Lord been teaching you recently and Where do you feel He is calling you in the future? 
1. The Lord has been teaching me quite a few things lately. He has been teaching me a lot about being patient and exercising my patience everyday. Also, I tend to have a sharp tongue at time with the people I love most, He has been showing me that I need to watch what I say because I never mean the harsh words, but say them anyways. He has showed me that I need to treasure my life because it could be taken away in a flash. I have also started a relationship study for my sorority and through that He is teaching me how to have a relationship that is centered around Him and a healthy, loving relationship. He is teaching me how to love others better and be more caring and giving of my time. 
2. I think in the future the Lord is calling me to be a wife, career woman and mom. I think that God will use my in whatever way He best sees fit and I will faithfully give Him my life to do let Him use me as He pleases. After I graduate I would love to find a great job, get married and be very involved in church possibly teaching a Sunday School class and finding others way to give back to the church and my community. I think that God will direct me and guide me and have me do what His will is for my life. 

Thank you, L, for your questions! 

Now for 7x7 
Here's what it is. There are 4 rules: 
1. Link back to the blogger that nominated your blog. Thank you MIKI!!!
2. Share 7 factuals about yourself 
3. Share 7 blog post that fit into 7 different categories
4. Nominate 7 award winning blogs to do this 7x7 

7 things about me: 
1. I am an only child. 
2. I sing and dance like it's my JOB and I'm pretty awful. 
3. I'm a reality TV junkie. 
4. I LOVE Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic, legit. 
5. I love love love love love love elephants. 
6. I'm very spunky, get excited about everything and wear my emotions RIGHT on my sleeve. 
7. I love blogging! So so so so so much more than I ever thought I would. 

7 post: 

7 blogs: 
Tesla @ Peace.Love.and Passion
Valerie @ Along the Way with V & J 
L @ All Glorious Within
Mackenzie @ French Kissin Life 
Shanna @ Because Shanna Said So 
Jessica @ Lovely Little Things
Meg @ Sweetly Complicated
(If any of you 7 don't feel like participating, no worries, my feelings will not be hurt :) )


Weekend Recap & Catch Up

Hi everyone! I hope that everyone had a great weekend, mine flew by but it was fabulous! Today's post is gonna be about recapping the weekend and catching up with some blog business. 

Friday Night: I stayed home and enjoyed time with my fam, my mom and I cleaned out my closet, I saw my grandparents and just relaxed. It was a great first day home and mom and I watched so much Say Yes to the Dress, it was awesome. Lori said "We done jacked her up to Jesus" and I'm pretty sure I quoted that all night...hiiiiiilarious. 

Saturday: I went to shopping with my mom and Granny and we all got some great things! I bought some awesome makeup brush cleaner at ULTA and it works perfectly, I'll post about it soon. I also got a new dress that I wore out for date night with Josh that night. Mom and Granny and I had such a fantastic time shopping and spending the day with each other, I love those 2 women. And the wind just about did us in, our hair looked a hot mess all day, haha! That night I went out for date night with my man, it was perfect. I hadn't seen him in 2 weeks so I was sooooo happy to see him. We were not happy to get to Long Horn and them tell us there was an 85 minute wait...um 85?!? Traffic out at the mall was awful and every sit down place was PACKED so in true Josh and Lindsay style, we had Chick Fil A :) 

Sunday: I went to church with my fam, came home and had lunch then made the worst decision of my life...Josh and I went and adopted a dog for a day at Pets Inc...I went in thinking oh I'll be fine...um WRONG! Do I know myself?!? Yes, yes I do, and I KNEW that I was going to cry when I had to bring the dog back but I thought maybe today I'd be Wonder Woman...incorrect, I cried like a BABY when we had to take the dog back. We adopted a little beagle named Max for the day. He was THE sweetest dog ever. He didn't bark, jumped right into my lap to ride to the park, didn't claw at you or get in your face and at the park when Josh and I were sitting on the towel he'd come right up and sit in between and snuggle close. I mean, he was such a pleasure to have for the day and the poor little guy was so tuckered out he slept all the way back to Pets Inc and of course when I had to turn him over, I lost it. I wanted to keep him SO.BAD. And I knew we had done a great thing by getting him out for the day and playing with him and I know he enjoyed it, but I didn't want to leave him there and of course right before I walk out the door I turned around to look back and he was turned around looking at me and Josh like "Hey come back, where are you going" then I walked out the store and proceeded to cry...all the way home...and Josh wanted to too but he was strong for the both of us and held it in. Good news is that Pets Inc said that Max was getting adopted this week, thank goodness. He deserves the best home. 

I also have a Sponsor I want to share with you today. His name is Mike Shea and we go to school together at Lander. He is a great DJ and a wonderfully nice person. We are both studying Mass Communications. I think it's awesome that we go to school together and are both in the blog world. I am always happy to support others blog and help promote them and get their name out there! 

About Mike: 
"Mike Shea's blog "The Eyes of a Metalhead" lets him express his views and insight into the music and entertainment industry, as well as his love for hard rock and heavy metal. A comedian, actor, DJ, and a self-proclaimed "audiophile", Mike gives his viewers an in-depth look at upcoming concerts, tours, and festivals, as well as album releases, and all the other goings-on. Anybody who reads, even if they're not a fan of heavier music, will enjoy Mike's no-holds-barred sense of humor and his well-researched articles all while gaining a vast exposure to an entire world of music."

Go check out Mike's blog HERE.

And an update on my vlog...getting questions was a FAIL, so I shall try again another time. I did get 2 questions though which I will answer on tomorrow post. I also got tagged in a blog game which will be on tomorrows post, check back! 


Fashion Friday

HAPPY FRIDAY! SPRING BREAK STARTS TO-DAY! But get this...it's pouring rain with severe thunderstorms expected this afternoon...bless it. But nonetheless it is BREAK and I am ALMOST FREE!!!! One more class and an interview and sweet freedom will be mine...and I look like a wet puppy from packing up my car in the rain, good thing I packed my whole closet yesterday

Okie dokie so let's talk fashion shall we?! Last week I wore a very preppy polo button up, black cardigan over the top, big earrings with flowers on them and a flower headband...then you hit the bottom half and BAM! I had on Coach leopard converse-like shoes. But I loved it, it was different and preppy but with a twist. 

I love to play around with my wardrobe and see what I can come up with. Excuse the quality of some of the pictures, you never know whats gonna turn out when you're using your self timer and excuse my hair...I neglected to restraighten it before I took the pics...lol! 

I hope that everyone has a beautiful, wonderful, fantastic, fabulous, and relaxing weekend! 

P.S. Don't forget to be leaving questions for my Q & A Vlog! 
At some point this weekend I'll have a sponsor post and I'll be doing a question post that I was tagged in, check back beautifuls!


Its OK Thursday

Apparently I am all about link ups this week, which is quite alright by me. But do not fret! I have an outfit post just sitting on my computer waiting to be posted. Also, since I have well exceeded 50 followers I am going to do a Q & A post. I will be answering any questions that you have for me about myself, my life or just anything really. I'm going to do a vlog post answering everyone's questions. So pretty please leave a question in the comment box of this post. Hopefully I'll get at least a FEW questions so I can make the vlog. Just a chance for everyone to get to know me a little better! I'll probably try to do the vlog on Sunday so you have until then to post some questions! And another thing, I have never really set a goal of followers for the blog because no matter how few or how many followers I had I wanted to post about things I enjoyed and keep with my blog even if a lot of people weren't reading. But I have decided that I am setting a goal for 100 followers and when I get there I will do a giveaway, this is very exciting! 

But for today I'm linking up with  Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup for 
 Its Ok Thursdays

Its OK....

-That I'm about to burst for it to be around 12:30 tomorrow and I'll be on the road to home for spring break!!!

-That my hair looks like a crazy woman today...and did yesterday too 

-That I was saying ugly things in my head about my art professor...if you had him you'd say ugly things too 

-That I'm probably going to attack my pup when I get home because I've missed her so

-That I can't wait to see my bestie Griffyn when I get home, I miss that girl!

-That Josh told me I was emotionally high maintenance...and that he is totally correct 

-That my new eye liner is AWFUL so my eyes look a hot mess on the reg

-That I have started using abbreviations for things...like reg, ridic or obvi...that's embarrasing

-That I KILLED my oral interpretation presentation the other day, but my legs were shaking like a maniac

-That the weather today is b-e-a-uuuuutiful 

-That I accidentally hung up on someone while trying to transfer the call while working in GLPA the other day

-That I say bless so much, people start saying it FOR me before I can even get it out of my mouth

-That I told a little white lie to Josh that I had something coming in the mail for me to his apt so he needed to check his mail ASAP, when in actuality I had sent him a card and craft I made and couldn't be patient enough to wait for him to check the mail himself (who knows when THAT would have happened) 

I haven't posted many pics lately...so let me leave you with a funny one today...this is what happens when you are your own photographer and you aren't ready before the self timer goes off... 
Don't I look like a robot?! hahahaha! I was in the process of putting my hands on my hips

Oh and I made a craft the other day, it's super simple but really cute I thought...be sure to check back to see it, maybe posted tomorrow or Saturday!

Happy Thursday!



First off, 64 followers?! I can hardly believe it..I mean that, thank you SO much for following my blog. Maybe I'll come up with a cool giveaway soon to show my love and appreciation. 

 Today I am tired. Today I'm really tired. Today I'm really busy. Today I'm wishing it was Friday right this instance. Today I feel a little defeated. Today I just want to sit and rest. Today I still have another class to go to and I'm on duty tonight and have a meeting. Today I am worn down. Today I miss my man. Today I miss my home. Today I want to be on vacation. Today I am thankful for. Today I am frustrated. Today I got a text that made me laugh. Today my hair look great this morning, then turned into a bad hair day. Today I am wondering how I'm going to make it until the end of the semester. Today I have a test. Today I encountered rude people. Today I just want some time off. Today I want things to slow down and speed up all at the same time. Today I am refreshed in my relationship with Josh. Today I want to pet my puppy that is far away. Today I am sad for those who have sick relatives. Today I want decisions to be made. Today I am happy. Today I want to tell God thank you, thank you for waking me up with morning with eyes that could see, a mouth that could talk, ears that could hear, limbs that could move and a body that is healthy. Today, thank you. 

Alrighty, now that's out of my system. I'm having a billion emotions today and I needed to write them down. Now for some sweet pins! 
Today's theme is obviously inspirational quotes.
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Happy Hump Day beautiful followers! 
Be sure to check back tomorrow, I believe that I'm going to do a Q & A Vlog with your questions, tomorrow you can leave me questions, if you'd like! 


Sometimes and Always

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Is today Mardi Gras? I feel like I should be more aware of that...oops. So, if it IS, Happy Mardi Gras...if it's NOT, Happy Mardi Gras anyway haha! Or wait, is it Fat Tuesday? I bet it's Fat Tuesday...I give up! (Oh my word, bless my soul, I apologize for my ignorance. I typed this earlier today before I was informed that Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday are the same day. I really need to be more cultured. I thought Mardi Gras was the day after Fat Tuesday, I really have got to get it together, sorry guys!)
I'm linking up with Megan from Mackey Madness  today for 

Megan just shared a very touching story about her life a few days ago on her blog, so please go by and show her some support and love. 

Sometimes I tell myself I will not have any sweets... 
Always I end up eating way more sweets than I should have

Sometimes I tell myself I'm going to practice a lot of patience
Always does that go out the window and I have no patience

Sometimes I drag myself to the gym against my will
Always am I glad that I went and feel much better afterwards

Sometimes I tell myself I'm going to start eating better and less
Always does that never ever ever work 

Sometimes I tell myself I'm just going to "look" while shopping
Always do I buy something, it's like clock work

Sometimes I think my school work is going to swallow me up and never get done
Always do I get more done than I ever imagined and always on time 

Sometimes I tell myself to leave my sweet puppy alone while she's sleeping
Always do I crawl on the floor to her bed and pet her to death and rock her like a baby

Sometimes I need for God to speak to me and show me the way
Always does He come through and give me what I need 


Make My Monday

Today I'm linking up for 'Make my Monday with Jess & Kelly'. This is their very first Make my Monday link up so I am very excited to participate! 
Mommy’s Sippy Cup
This week's topic is Getting to Know You

What is one word to describe you?... spunky
one word to describe your life... blessed
one word to describe your love... beautiful
one word to describe your body... healthy
one word to describe your cooking... nonexistent
one word to describe your career... student
one word to describe your hobby... living
one word to describe your style... fabulous
one word to describe your blog... unique
one word to describe your home... precious

FYI: I am terrible at one word things...I talk...A LOT, so I like to elaborate and can't ever just think of one word. I literally laughed out loud when I typed fabulous for my style...I'm so ridiculous lol! Better ridiculous than boring I suppose :)

This was fun, thanks Jess and Kelly for hosting!


Sunday Catch Up

Happy Sunday friends! I hope that everyone had a great weekend!
Mine went by fast but it was such a relaxing weekend, I really needed it. Granted, I had a TON of homework to get done, it was still really relaxing. Being an RA, we have to work the front desk one time out of the semester for 4 hours on a Saturday and Sunday and I couldn't have gotten assigned to a better weekend. Since I had so much work to get done, sitting at a desk for 4 hours for 2 days is the perfect time. Needless to say, I knocked all my work out and with how much I have going on this week, I'm going to be very happy all my work is done ahead of time. I also applied for a few more internships for the summer, fingers crossed! Friday I got to get dinner with 3 of my sorority sister and had some awesome food and awesome conversation with them and Saturday night I treated myself to delish soup and bread from a local restaurant in town, it was heaven. This was my view all weekend: 
I love crossing all the things off my
To-Do list!
This week is going to be so busy, so glad that I have
something to look forward to at the end of the week!
I also did not put on one stitch of makeup this weekend and it was grand. I have my hair and makeup done perfectly everyday and I'm dressed up everyday but sometimes it is nice to not do anything to myself. This was my attire all weekend: 
It was fabulous and I feel very relaxed and refreshed and ready to take on the week. 
In very good news, Spring Break is 5 days away...FIVE! Let the count down begin. I cannot wait to be home and see my family and my puppies!
And I'm going to be in a fashion show on March 3rd! I am STOKED! It is a Carmen Marc Valvo show in Spartanburg, SC, it's my very first show and I'm so excited. And there is also a gala after the show for Colon Cancer. 
And since I'm in the show, I have to go to Greenville one day during the week next week to get fitted...well it just so happens that Josh and I have been meaning to get to Greenville for the day to shop and hit the parks and hang out...well, what a perfect time to do so! So I'll get to spend one of my Spring Break days in Greenville with my man
Also during Spring Break I am planning on volunteering for Pets Inc and I'm really excited but a little scared...because I LOVE animals...LOVE THEM, and I just KNOW it is going to be awfully hard for me to part with the animals when it's time for me to leave. Josh and I are hopefully going to be able to participate in their adopt-a-pet for a day program, where we can adopt one of their pups for the day to play with...I'm just going to hate the taking it back part but hopefully we can give a puppy some love and fun for a day! 

In others new, I'm starting a new book this week. It is When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy. I'm really excited, I love reading new books and especially ones I can take advice from. Have any of you read it? If so, how was it?
I think this is going to help a lot with our upcoming relationships bible study, thank you Mackenzie for introducing me to this book!

And a little rant. WHEN did gas and groceries get so.expensive?! Gas is so crazy high right now and it's supposed to go up 60 cents by May...I will have to walk or ride a bike everywhere! That is insane for gas. And groceries, Lord have mercy...when did they get so expensive?! It seems like over the last few months groceries prices have shot up. Bless my poor college student wallet...but thank goodness for my jobs and a mom and dad who always provide. 

Khloe and Lamar Season 2 starts tonight, I'm very excited, it could or could not be my guilty pleasure. 
I started working on my moms Mothers Day present this weekend and she is gonna die, I can not wait to give it to her! If anyone has been wondering about my February Photo-a-Day Challenge, well I have failed miserably at it, I do apologize. Maybe next month...lol!
And I'm very jealous that Josh has the day off of work tomorrow and will spend it leisurely strolling around the golf course, but he deserves some time off so I hope he enjoys every bit of it. 



I am happy to announce that I have over 50, yes FIFTY, followers now! Thank you thank you thank you to ALL my followers and a special thank you to my recently new ones! It's almost hard to believe that over 50 people enjoy what I have to say, LOL! Over 50 followers is awesome, thank you guys so much, I can't wait for this blog to continue to grow!

I'll admit..ANYTHING that Josh gives me, I keep. I literally can't stand the thought of him giving me something and me not keeping it. And I am a huge fan of sitting down on my couch some nights and re-reading every card he's given me and looking at old movie stubs or notes. So not long after we started dating I wanted to get a box to put everything he gives me in and Hobby Lobby had just what I wanted, a heart shaped box! 
I bought the box and bought wooden letters to spell out our names and wooden hearts. I picked up some purple and blue paint, my favorite color and his and headed home to start a very simple project that has lasted me a very long time and I have made a lot of good use out of it.

And on Valentines I meant to share with you guys what I got for Josh and I totally forgot, so let me do that now! He had 2 pictures that he really wanted framed and I decided I was going to do that for his gift. Well, these 2 pictures aren't regular shaped so I was going to have to do custom framing. So I went to Michaels while they were having a 50% sale on their custom framing...SCORE Wrong! I sat down and got price estimates for these 2 pictures and it was going to cost me over $250...now that is probably a good price for custom framing because I know it's expensive to get done...but I am on a college students budget and I could have swung it but man would that have hurt me! So I decided I was going to do this project by myself. I headed to Hobby Lobby, bought 2 18x24 frames and this fancy poster board that looked JUST like the stuff that pictures are matted in, I hit the jackpot. I brought them home, and here's how it turned out!
(Btw, Josh graduated from the University of South Carolina, hence the Gamecock theme)

Look how happy he was...he is going to DIE if he reads
this post, hahaha! Sorry babe :)
I also got him a disc golf bag for his new found hobby, the boy loves to play disc golf, and I'll admit...I really enjoy it too!
We were literally walking through the book store on campus and
he sees this bag and goes, I really like this bag, this is the one I want.
All the while, I already had the bag wrapped up for him for Valentines,
worked out too perfectly!

I hope everyone has a very happy weekend :)