Happy Saturday! HOORAY for the weekend. I was up at 6:45 for this morning getting ready for my 7:30 a.m. report to Admissions. We had Open House on campus this morning and although I had to get up early, I had a great time. The tour group I was with was really great, nice parents, nice students and it was a beautiful day. I throughly enjoyed my day and I think I enjoyed my nap after Open House even more, haha! My mom and dad are coming to visit tomorrow and I am pretty stoked about that AND my granny called to chat with me today which was fantastic, I love hearing from her and my papa.
Today I want to blog about what TV shows that suck me in every week. Here is what I love:

The Big Bang Theory- I just jumped on this bandwagon, I'm really late, I know. But I LOVE this show, it is so funny. Sheldon makes me laugh so hard, he is such a hoot! The cast meshes (excuse my spelling on that) so well together, I hate I'm just now catching on to this show!

The Bachelor- This show kind of rocks my nerves and I think it's kind of crazy to find love that way but nevertheless, sucks me in every.single.time. Courtney has GOT to go...got to got to got to. Thank heavens Monica got the boot last week. I love Kacie B. (even though I thought she was acting a little funny on last weeks show) and I also like Emily, she seems really nice and very true to herself. And on a side note, I wish they would get NEW people to be the Bachelor and Bachelorette. It aggravates the sin out of me that they keep "recycling" people from past seasons, I want to see new faces!

Dance Moms- OH MY WORD, this show sucks me in instantly everytime it's on! The amount of time they make those poor young girls put in in INSANE. I feel bad for them 99% of the time. It's like they never stop, always dancing. Although, they really are great dancers, you can definitely tell they work their tails off. And the moms are hilarous and so catty! They are at each other alllll the time and if they aren't at each other, they are at Abby, the dance teacher. Sometimes Abby acts like a crazy woman, I have the urge to yell at the TV often.

I also watch the Kardashians, E! News, the local news (is that weird? I'm a communications major and NO one in my major seems to watch the news and that's what half of them want to do with their lives! Seems like they'd start watching the news at SOME point), the Today Show, and anything else random that catches my eye.

What shows are your favs?


  1. I wish we lived by each other because we would have nights dedicated to our shows! I watch exactly all these shows too!! heehe :) Dance moms is a favorite. I am ready for Army Wives to come back in March though! Did you see Emily from cutie Brad's season is the new bachelorette? ALSO Emily & Kacie B are mine and mommas favorites too..I bet Ben is cringing as he is watching these episodes and seeing how rude and mean Courtney is. Ahhhh we will have to facebook chat on commercials! LOL hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  2. AHH! I wish we did too! I love Dance Moms!! I haven't ever watched Army Wives but I need to get on that! And I did see that Emily is going to be the new bachelorette, I have mixed feelings about that! lol And I bet is crigning too! Courtney is something else. And facebooking chatting sounds like a plan! hope youre weekend is splendid dear :)

  3. I LOVE Dance Moms. OMGee it is my guilty pleasure! I just couldn't get into the crazy of The Bachelor this season but I KNOW that I will have to get back into it when Emily takes over!!

    Hope your having a great weekend!!



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