Today marks the beginning of the busiest semester of my life. I have 22 hours at school, working 2 jobs on campus (that take up more time than you can imagine), and I'm still the chaplain of my sorority meaning that I'm preparing devotions each week (which I'm not complaining about, it is wonderful!) But I.am.so.busy...today was just the first day of the chaos and I am worn out and still have another class to go to tonight! Whew! So I am doing my best to mentally prepare myself for all that will be swirling around me until April.
In honor of  the craziness, I am encouraging you today to take time for yourself. RA's had to be back on campus a few days before our residents came back from break and I had some extra time on my hands Saturday night so I picked up and headed to Starbucks to do some relaxing, and I had a gift card! Needless to say, Starbucks was quite relaxing and I really enjoyed some quiet time to myself. I had a green tea latte and it was HORRIBLE, oh my word, so bad. Next time I will remember to just get a tea bag and hot water, I am certain that will be much better tasting than the gross-ness I had and I also had 2 birthday cake, cake pops, they we're semi-delicious (HA, not the most wonderful thing but not terrible). I really don't mean to be bashing Starbucks right now, I just made poor decisions on drinks and treats this past weekend, I really love Starbucks and they have a great selection of drinks and sweets. But the point is, with my life being catapulted into madness for the next 4 months, it's important for me to remember to take time for myself or else I'm going to lose my mind. So do the same for yourself, when things get crazy just take a little trip, doesn't have to be far, can even be to your local Starbucks and take some time for yourself!
Happy Monday!


  1. I feel you, girl!
    You can do it :)

    This is my first semester having classes every day of the week..yikes!
    Plus working 30 hours a week..guess I should say we can do it!



  2. Thank you! Good luck with your semester, you can rock it out :)

  3. Goodness you are one busy girl, but starbucks always seems to make everything better. I am also in school (last semester of graduate classes) I will graduate in May with my NP degree. I found your blog through a friend and I am your newest follower. I am planning you also link up with the vintage apple for, oh so pintresting!!

  4. Congratulations on almost being done! I know that feels like quite the accomplishement! And thank you SO SO much for following my blog! I really appreciate it!


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