Must be Monday

I have yet to take to my blog to talk about my days..or more like complain about days but that
ends TODAY. I try my best to not be negative and to always focus on the bright side...but today has just been one of those days and I need to vent! I apologize in advanced for my semi-sore attitude today.
I haven't had a trying/crappy day in quite some time...but today has proved that I am obviously long over due. It's Monday, it's cold, it's rainy, and it has not been a good day. Well I take that back, everyday that I wake up to is a good day, this one is just not that fabulous I guess you should say.
My day started off OK, I didn't get much sleep last night but I didn't feel that groggy when I got up this morning so I thought I'd be fine and I got up and dressed in time to make it to the caf for breakfast AND to print off PowerPoints for my Geology class in the library before class started, this is an accomplishment friends. So I get to Geology and it is just so boring and my sleep deprived-ness (a new word here LOL) starts to kick in, I am fighitng sleep hard and I know that my next class (Art) is going to be a tough one to stay awake in, and I DO NOT fall asleep in class, so I knew I had to go grab some coffee before that class. So I'm booking it to Java City because I have 10 minutes to get there, get coffee, and get to class. Well the girls coffee in front of me is taking entirely too long but the lady behind the counter finally gets to me and she is really sweet which is a plus. I grab my coffee put all yummy stuff in it and JET to class. I'm already a really fast walker but I am seriously trucking it at like 75 miles an hour to get to class...class starts 10:20 and I'm almost there. Well I walk into the Student Center, and its been raining all morning, and what happens other then I slip and almost BUST my behind trying to get to class...so my coffee splats on the ground but I somehow get my balance back and I keep on trucking and I get to class at exactly 10:19 and what has the Professor done but none other than already started class, has the lights off and proceeds to call me out when I walk in...I am NEVER late to this class, NEVER miss a class and take notes like nobodys business. UGH! So I get to my seat, get out my notebook, and spill coffee all over my sweater...really?! Must this happen! Oh and I forgot to mention, I check my email this morning and my Journalism article that is supposed to be due Thursday has been to changed to due by 5 oclock today...do I have time today to write an article? I most certainly do NOT! Monday is my busy day and I have NO, NONE, NADA, ZIP time to write an article today, but I'm going to make it happen somehow. Anyways, my Art Prof is always inappropriate but he is just crossing the line today and I am not in the mood for this and he just keeps on and on, I gave him so many deaths stares, I really couldn't help it. So I finally get out of the class and head to lunch. The caf is PACKED and everyone just happens to want to be rude today. Like cutting in the lines to get food, literally pushing and shoving to get past you, just ridiculous stuff...we're in college people, have some respect! And I have lab today...YUCK! I hate lab, really hate lab.
But that is how my Monday is so far, and it's only 12:30, bless my soul. I really hope my day starts to get better.

Plus side of today:
My coffee really did the trick to wake me up.
I was in need of serious prayer today to keep me sane, so I had a nice little chat with the Man Upstairs and it made me remember how grateful I am that I even woke up with morning with good health and the ability to get out of bed and get to class, no matter how boring or bad they may be. I know I should talk to God constantly during the day and not only in times of need, but this bad day turned me to Him and that immediately uplifted my spirits.
Then Josh told me that he said a little prayer for my day to get better and that was so sweet.
And I texted Coley, my baby cousin, who is like my brother, just to tell him that I was thinking about him and loved him and I really enjoyed getting to chat with him for a little, I miss him a lot while I'm at school.

So, through the madness that was upon me this morning, I know that my day is certain to get better and if it happens to not get better, bedtime will be upon me soon...not anytime soon, but it'll be here before I know it HA!

I hope that your Monday has started better than mine!


  1. GIRL!
    This post could be a movie scene...lol.
    All the spilling coffee business is terrible :(

    I'm sorry your Monday was crappy, but it's good that you didn't give up and kept trucking! Hope you got your article done on time :)


  2. Hang in there... my Monday was pretty crappy too, kind of puts a damper when you look to the rest of the week. But keep your head up, tomorrow will be better!

  3. Thank you both so much! My article did get done, thank goodness! And Abby, I hope your week gets better as well. Maybe Monday was a test and the rest of the week will be the best...apparently I'm Dr.Seuss now haha!

  4. OH GIRL! Mondays! MONDAYS!!!
    I am so sorry you had a terrible horrible no good very bad day!!

    I hope you got to relax a little this afternoon/evening!!!


  5. I am so sad that I am JUST now seeing this today. I hope your day got much much better. I pray that you have a peaceful and restful sleep tonight and wake up well rested in the morning. Those crazy days are so awful and make you just want to crawl back into bed and not even try a re-do! LOL Tomorrow will be a better day!!


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