Mix & Match

It has officially been a week since my horrid Monday last week and I am HAPPY to report that, even though it's only a little after 12, this Monday is much much much better than last and I am very thankful for that. Homecoming week is currently under way here on campus and I'm going to be so busy. I was literally nervous for this week to start because I knew how much was going to be going on and I just didn't want to get overwhelmed...but the first day of the way has started off nicely, hopefully this will continue throughout the rest of the week! Tonight is the big talent show on campus, our theme this is year is Mardi Gras and my sorority and our brother fraternity have a fantastic routine for tonight, hope we pull it off well! Mom and Dad came to visit yesterday and every single time they come it is just the best day. Mom and I got to do some shopping, we all ran errands around town, spent 25 minutes listening to the singing cards in Wal-Mart, decorated my door for Valentines and had a great dinner at Outback, they made my Sunday wonderful  :)

Now on to today's post, I used to not be that big a fan of stripes that recently that has changed big time. I bought a striped shirt just yesterday :) Last Thursday I wore this outfit to class. The pants are a mustardy-yellow courdoroy from J Crew, my top is a striped shirt from Gap and my jacket is Duck Head. This outfit was stepping out of the box for me but I looooved the way it turned out!

This necklace I have on, I am obsessed with! I wear it anytime I can.
I'm definitely on board with the big flowers and neat bead
colored necklaces. I'm currently on the hunt for more :)
Have you experimented with any of your clothes lately? Stepped out of your box? Wore stripes?

Happy Monday friends, I hope everyone has a GREAT start to their week!


  1. I'm a huge fan of stripes too! Your outfit is adorable. Love the necklace!

  2. I'm glad to hear your Monday is much better! Love the outfit too!


  3. Shut up! I love this outfit.
    My love affair with stripes is out-of-control!
    Glad youre having fun with the trend too!!!


  4. I love this outfit! I am a big fan of stripes! And I need to get some colored pants!


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