I got two really adorable hats for Christmas and I haven't really worn these types of hats much before, but a few days ago I tried it out and really enjoyed the way it looked. I don't see many people wearing hats and I like to be different and I really liked the way it turned out with my outfit.
Mine is a little brown tweed hat with a flower on the side.
How do you feel about hats? Do you wear them often?

This sweater forms a beautiful flower on the back in the design, I love it!
I thought my shoes were cute so they needed to be photographed too :)
Yesterday I was working in Admissions and my name tag and business cards came in! It makes me feel so official so I had to share with you guys :)
Sorry guys, had to scratch some info out for safety purposes!

Fancy huh?!
(Nails done, hair done, everything did. Oh you fancy huh? I couldn't resist hahaha!)



  1. Just found your blog and I'm your newest follower!

  2. loved your hat when i saw it tuesday! Looked sooo cute on you!

  3. I like the hat! You can rock it girl!

  4. That hat is too cute! And those flats! Heck, it's just all cute! Just found your blog...excited to start following :)

  5. Thank you all, so so so much! I appreciate each of your comments!


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